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Hi all im a long time Hi Point owner first time poster.

Anyways i took my CHL last weekend with my Hi Point ( i have faith in my gun)

Anyways we get to the shooting part and everyone busts out with high doller guns like Glocks, Springfields,Berettas etc...

The officer on the range must inspect each weapon to make sure its safe to shoot. When he got to mine these were his exact words " Dear GOD what a brick, what was hi point thinking when they made this thing. This is a crappy gun" I just brushed it off.

Shooting portion of the test starts, guy next to me (he has a springfield) his gun is constantly jamming. He stops the whole class so he can unjamm his $900 Springfield. Next thing i know 5/11 people shooting are having proplems with their gun. Keep in mind there are high dollar handguns.

Not only were they haveing problems with them but they were shooting all over the target.

ME with my Hi Poing i was RIGHT on center and i NEVER had a jam with mine.

After the class i asked the same officed they talked trash about my gun his opinion on mine, after he watched it perform. He simply asked "where can i get one"

None the less i love my gun.
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