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    I have a C-9 and a some other 9mm pistols. However I would like to get a carbine. Perhaps to do very light hunting. Also I hand load. So what changes would one make to the rounds to make them more suitable for a carbine?

    I'm sort of leaning toware the .40 cal. That would give me a real good reason to get a 40-SW-B. But on the other hand, I do have gobs of 9mm ammo. On the other hand (I'm a range scrounge.) I have found at least 200 once fired .40 cal cases.

    Any Suggestions? Cures?

  2. Slower burning powders will give you the best bang for the buck when running down a 16" barrel, versus the 4" barrel that most load data speeds are based off. Stay away from the fast burners like Red Dot and HS-6 for hunting ammo. There is no problem using fast powders for plinking, since it generally doesn;t take much velocity to punch a hole in an empty beer can.
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    I'm cured...I think...Nope.

    The decision of which carbine to get was solved today. 995. Why? that's what they had in stock. Brand new with all the funny warning stickers. About $175.00 out the door. So the price looks OK. Now to find a scope mount. My eyes don't see too far past 50 yards, so need to bring things in a bit. 8)

    Will pick it up next week, and give a range report. Now I would love to get a hold of a cronograph and test the same rounds from the carbine and the C9. Would be intresting.

    Cheers. & I think I got the feaver...or something...
  4. I believe they supply a scope mount with all 995 carbines. I purchased mine as a kit with a 4x scope included. I like my scope on the carbine, but I'm seriously thinking about mounting a red dot sight on mine.

    If your 995 doesn't come with the scope mounting rail, then give Hi-Point a call. They will most likely send you one free of charge.

  5. THere should be a funny little 2 part rail in the box. THe4 outer rail and an inverted U shaped part with slots cut in it the snaps into the larger rail after you mount it int the gun
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    Ok, I'm thinking of a laser for under 50' or so, and the scope for way out yonder.

    Sometimes those zombies hide in little tin cans, and you just have to shoot them and make them bounce in the air. Nothing funnier than a air sick- canned zombie. heh heh.