Christmas Wish List

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by Batjac, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Batjac

    Batjac Member

    Dear Santa, I've been good this year, so I want:

    A Hi-Point .45JHP
    A Taurus PT-1911 (to share the rounds with the Hi-Point and save money!)
    A Savage Stevens 200 in .308
    A Puma Model 72 in .454 (See? I didn't even ask for it in .44 Magnum, so I can use the same ammo that I already have. Aren't I a good boy?)
    A Saiga-12 with the 20 round drum magazine
    And, a matching Saiga in .308. After all, I'm being frugal again by using the same ammo as the Stevens, and you and I both know how my wife loves saving money!

    Oh, and I did give my loser Brother-In-Law my car, so I guess that deserves a new Dillon progressive loading press, and 20 pounds of powder, and enough brass, primers, and bullets to go with the powder.

    And, I cut the neighbor's grass while he was laid up, so maybe another 1200 rounds of Bulgarian surplus.

    Oh! And I did bring my wife her meals in bed when she was sick, so maybe another gun safe for the other new toys?

    Now, Santa. I know you're busy, and you only have a limited amount of room in your sleigh. So, I won't be too disappointed if you decide to leave out one of my wish list items from under the tree. I'll understand if you have to....

    Your Buddy,

    P.S. You can even bring my loser Brother-In-Law something, too. Even if he DID blow up the car right after I gave it to him...

  2. Looks like santa will be making a couple trips.
  3. I'll take everything he suggested and double it on the reloading equipment....

    Oh, and don't forget I want that Barrett .50 BMG too, that's what I really really can't live without. :wink:

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I tink Santa's gonna get a hernia this year :wink: Yup I do tink it :lol:
  5. Ari

    Ari Guest

    I found a 100 new brass cases of 7.5 French so I am getting that for XMas.
  6. azcarbine

    azcarbine Guest

    That new Taurus 24/7 OSS in the flat earth color. A 100% single action trigger unless you get a misfire then it goes to double action then back to single. Also 12 + 1 of .45 ACP goodness.
  7. Saiga 7.62x39, 500 rounds of wolf, and who knows what else.
  8. Huggy

    Huggy Member

    I'd like a couple AK parts kits, a drill press, 14x1 LH threading setup, and a pack of bubble gum.