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  1. I have a generic yet very reliable Norinco 1911. Looks plainer than Janet Reno if you can imagine that.

    It really doesn't excite me at all in regards to its looks.

    I want to make it somewhat flashy and since its totally not a collectible, I figure why not get the slide chromed?

    There is a shop near my house that says he might consider doing it but I have to bring it to him to get his opinion whether he will do it or not.

    How much do you think this might run me if I bring him the stripped slide to him? And is there any type of prep work I can do to save money on the chroming for the guy?

    Is this something thats not recommended for xyz reasons?

    Like I said, I just want to chrome this gun just because its a plain gun.

    Also should I consider chroming the frame as well? Somehow I think that might be a bit over the top.
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    Other than removing the old finish, and any sanding and smoothing you want done, there isnt much you can do to "prep" the slide for a chroming job. I would personally remove the finish, then take sand paper by hand and remove any imperfections myself. You might save a bit on labor, but you will definitely know it was done right. Some people that do plating out there will just strip and plate something, but prepping in plating is just as important as it is when painting. Chroming will make any flaws jump right out.

    As far as price, it really depends on your area. I had a pistol plated years ago for $75, but havent had it done in a long time.

  3. How did it look when it was done?
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    It looked great, and held up for several years until I gave the pistol to my brother. It looked great for the few months he had it before he pawned it.