Chrysler to Slash its Product lineup Dealers

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    I know we have people on this board that work in Chrysler Dealerships in one dept or another, for them this might not be good news at all. For the rest of us, it is just 1 more sign of the times in our economic situation in this country.

    Chrysler to Slash its Product lineup Dealers

    Automaker will also reduce its sales locations

    The Associated Press
    updated 1:04 p.m. MT, Fri., Feb. 8, 2008

  2. Oh believe me Shootest995,
    I've been expecting this for awhile.
    Things at the dealership have been better, to say the least.
    The sales dept.'s January sales figures were in and I hear it wasn't good.
    Im a parts guy and we actually had one of the best months since '02.
    People aren't buying new, but by God they're sure fixing up their old crap.
    You name it, Ive looked something up for it in the past month.
    Plymouth Sundances, Jeep Wagoneers, the old K-Cars, folks are fixing the cheap and simple stuff. And I really can't blame them.
    The owner is getting pissed. He thinks its his salesmen and marketing.
    I guess the idea of a looming economic collapse hasn't hit him just yet.
    Ah well. I better get to work making my "WILL LOOK UP MOPAR PARTS FOR FOOD" sign.