Civilan Body Armour...tons of ??? But no legit answers.

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    Ok, as some of you know, I've been planning on moving back to Phoenix ASAP in order to go back to my old job as a stage manager. Of course, it's a lower paying gig than the job I came to Northern Arizona to take. This means that along with my old job as a SM, I'll be picking up my old job as a Cab Driver to pay the bills in the off season.

    But, after a few close calls from driving a cab and working the graveyard shift in questionable parts of the city before, I've been considering how I can up the level of protection during my day to day activities on the job. Now, I'm not looking for level III and up tactical body armour or something that would stop a .50 cal. Also, with driving a cab if it's too weird, I just drive very fast away, and I have the luxury of looking at a call and saying "No thanks. Not going there." But, sometimes you just get the weird tweaker or who knows what, and I would rather be safe instead of sorry.

    The other issue I'm looking at is concealability. Now, there are some "Mall Ninja" types who drive cabs who insist on wearing tactical vests just so they can wear their precious trauma plates in the back pockets, but that just is dumb. It IS a service industry, and the reason I made $200-$300 bucks a night in pocket and some of those macho wannabes didn't is because I look like a college guy in anime T-shirts and skinny jeans, and they ..well....look like A-Team rejects.

    So, the question is: What IS out there that could be worn under a shirt that wouldn't look TOO obvious, or would fit well under a light jacket. I would like it to be around level II, but, anything is better than nothing. Heck I've even considered "stab proof" shirts and vests except for the fact that I know nothing about them and they seem like they'd be more useful considering the average drunk and tweaker one would encounter at 3am in a cab.

    Anyone more knowledgeable is welcomed to chime in. Thanks!
  2. This is a good point i have been considering getting somthing my self to wear for exec protec jobs that involve detroit and other fine areas.

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    If califonia custom armor is still in buisnes they made a jean jacket with layered aramid armor in it you cold never tell was armored.

    Something else to consider if you worry about being shot/stabbed through the seat back is simply sitting on a layered seat cushion made of ballistic nylon or aramid. Nobody would think twice about a cabbie with a seat cushion.

    Also consider a shirt made of stab/slash resistant cloth on the outside layer of your clothing.

    Other armor links to consider

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    a simple leather jacked really helps deter a knife blade but wont do jack to stop a bullet.
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    Won't consider leather. From personal experience it seems to to jack **** and, it's not very comfy. I've been shopping around, and of course the net is full of noise about body armor but no definitive info. I KNOW there are some cab drivers who have some version in cities like Chicago or New York...I just have to find out what is the popular configuration out there.
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    Build a nice seat cover that you can take in and out of the car. Put your plate in the backrest of it. Something like this but better


    Then wear a light 2nd chance one you cant see real well under your T-shirt. Wear a small snubby in a cross draw so if someone comes to your car window and you have to draw the gun you can fall back into the passenger seat and still draw the gun. There you go. I know since you are a stage manager you could build something like that in your sleep
  8. Become friends with someone in the SCA and have them make you some chest plates and/or chain mail? :)

    And maybe a helmet too.