Claridge Hi-tec 9mm

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by bamaboy06, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. bamaboy06

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    I traded a guy at work a beat up yugo sks for this odd looking pistol.I had seen them before but i didn't know much about them.It has a 20 round mag and a screw on compensator.The gun is very clean and seems to be a good shooter.I didn't have much money in the sks so i guess i didn't lose anything.Here's some pics of it.[​IMG]
  2. Very interesting looking pistol. Have you shot it yet?

  3. 8andsand

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    Man that thing looks like something from a science fiction movie.
  4. Thayldt21

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    I think that thing looks neat.

    does have the science fiction look to it.
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    Very Cool looking pistol! Thats sure to turn some heads at the range... It kinda reminds me of the Superman Krypto-Raygun.


    The Superman Krypto-Raygun was produced by Daisy in 1940. A "genuine electric projector pistol," the gun is equipped with seven 16mm Superman films which can be projected through a lense at the end of the barrel. The gun is available in a colorful box illustrated with a picture of Superman drawn by Joe Schuster, one of Superman's creators. Length of the gun 7 inches.
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    looks cool, make sure to update with a range report.
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    Actually it was in a science fiction movie.Arnold Schwarzenegger used one in the movie "Total Recall".I carried it out and ran a couple of clips of ammo through it and it functioned flawlessly.The thing is very heavy so there is not much recoil.
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    A very cool and rare pistol. The carbine version was used by Banderas as a silenced sniper weapon in the funeral scene in Assassins.
  11. Whoa! I agreed that it was a very cool pistol, just from the pics. And then I followed Maverick's link -- it sounds like you got an _exceptional_ deal!
  12. Wow that is very neat. You think you have seen it all then something like this pops up.
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    I think i did get the better end of the deal but i did give up a beat up sks that i could have bubba'd.The first ones that they came out with are worth a few bucks from what i understand.
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    I've wanted one of those for a while.