Class III licence ?

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    A question of legality came up in an earlier post which reminded me of a question I have been meaning to ask all you fine carbine owners...

    I already have my CCDW and would like to legally own a slightly shortened carbine with a collapsible stock. As I understand what little I've heard, I would need a Class III for this ? I'm not looking to own a full auto ( though that would be nice) but I would like to mod my weapons in any way I deem fit. How would one go about getting this and to whom should I speak in my local area ? What does the Class III accually cover legally ?

    Thanks in advance for all info :D
  2. It sounds like what you want is generally known as a 'Short Barrel Rifle' or SBR. This requires a tax payment and the paperwork to get a stamp issued. Then you can modify. Requirements for the Feds must be completed as well as state and local limitations. I've never done this but I know there's a lot of paperwork involved. Find a Class 3 dealer in your state and ask--it's their job to sell to you legally.

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    I have a Class III license. But, that's just for operating Class III surface water treatment facilities in the state of Kentucky. When I tell people I have a class III license, they automatically assume I can buy automatic weapons or drive big rig trucks.

    Sorry, that probably doesn't help you.

    But, from what I understand you should probably contact your county sheriff's office to find out about local laws and ordinances on such things.
  4. Yeah, make sure it's legal where you live. Here in Michigan we can't get a tax stamp for anything. So if you don't get a Class III license you can't have the fun toys.