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    I've finally decided to take the plunge and buy an AR, but I must admit that I really don’t care much for the carbine look with rails and telescoping stock. I’ve always liked the classic M16 look with a solid stock, triangular handguard, and carry handle. The only problem is that they are fairly big with the 20inch barrel. I saw what I really want the other day, but I let it get sold before I made my mind up: a solid stock carbine w/16”barrel, fixed carry handle, and a shortened M16 style handguard.

    Does anyone know of such a creature, and where might I purchase one? I’m not into building one. I’d just like to buy off the shelf if possible.
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    Well, would buying a built lower with an A2 and a separate upper fitting your description work for you? It's literally two pins and your "build" is compete.
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    If you buy parts...
    Just make sure you get carbine length units, not rifle. The Colt 607 was the gun that had them back in the day.
    And you will need the triangle flange that goes out by the front sight, and the correct delta ring.

    My 20” Bushmaster is an A1 style upper, but had A2 style round hand guards, but the tabs on them were designed to fit triangular hardware, so I was able to swap surplus handguards in with no trouble.


    Also, the 607 had a shorter butt stock.

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  5. Question. Anyone making midlength triangle handguards for 16" barrels with the midlength gas tube? If not.. one could do almost a Colt 605 look but use a low profile/under handguard gas block with standard carbine or mid length gas length and 16" barrel instead of original 15" barrel (would require perma attach 1" longer muzzle device) clones3.jpg
    Colt 605 bottom. A1 upper seems to be the required upper.
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    I might be able to handle that. I’ll have to look at some parts to get an idea of the prices too.
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    You can get rifle length stocks with a 16" barrel. Fixed carry handle & rifle sight radius. It's called a Dissipator.
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    Midlength triangle handguards exist. Just come on over to the AR-15 / M-16 Retro Forum at and look around (whatever you do, don't wander into arfcom General Discussion) and you'll eventually find someone making them. Warning: Retro Black Rifle disease is contagious.

    Personally, I'd go with 45Man's recommendation and get a 16" dissy upper and an A1 length or even an RRA entry stock for a handy little gun.
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    Quick question guys. Could I compromise between 16” and 20” with an 18” upper/barrel with a full length hand guard?
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    Dangit FRED!!!
    Just NOW getting an AR? :D
    I put together that A2 kit from Sportsman's guide, (less lower) and I have the itch for the A1 forend plus I got that authentic A1 stock from Cic-Pup a while back, it actually saw duty in Nam :eek: Of course mine is a complete forgery no matter what I do with that upper cuz it has a removable Carry Handle. But that is exactly what I wanted, a modern AR-15 that can be made to look like a retro- A1 or A2 depending on how I dress it up.
    The Dissipator is an intriguing setup also... cool as heck!
    WELCOME to the Black Rifle Club!
    I have a good friend from the Silver Forum I used to frequent, and he sent me a "Black Rifle" silver round, 1 Troy Ounce of .999 Silver. When I got another AR or the AK, he sent me another round :lol: :D
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    The first AR I got was a Bushmaster Dissipator AR-15 with a the Bushmaster Russian version flash hider. It is a pre-ban manufacture date of either June or July of '94 I'd have to dig it out and check. I haven't shot that rifle in probably close to 20 yrs, the "dissipator" is a pretty neat idea though.
  12. I 'm under the impression that using full rifle length gas with a 15" barrel caused problems the first time around with the Colt 605 series, and even with the 16" barrels, the Dissipator system required more fine tuning than the carbine length gas, and was why the mid length gas block/system came to be used for the 16" ARs?
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    Don't see why not. You need to look at some of those features available. PSA sight is a good one to see many different configurations at.
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    That is my understanding also.
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    Just buy a 20" barrel and build you an A1, you Kirk shouldered Nancy!
  16. IM001251.JPG Or, you could build a shooting machine like I did using a 24" 1/8 twist .850 223 Wylde barrel with 15" FF handguard. A2 buttstock. Scope and bipod it weighs in a little over 13#s, so you need more than some Nancy arms to tote it to the shooting bench.

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    Yes, but it won’t look as cool as the 605, 607, or 16” Dissipator models.:p

    Just add three inches of barrel to that one on the bottom of CamoDeafie’s picture, or take two off the upper ones, and you’d have it.

    Personally, if you want shorter/handier, with standard stuff and lots of room for your hands, I’d suggest the dissipator. I’ve always liked that look.
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    I’ve been looking, and I can find the assembled lowers, I’m having trouble looking for complete Dissipator uppers. The only ones I can find in stock are one from Windham Weaponry at close to $700, and one from Model “1” Sales that I wonder about the quality of. I did find one at PSA, but it didn’t have the BCG or charging handle, and I’d still have to find a triangular hand guard.

    Anyone care to share a link or tell me where I might find a quality complete upper in stock?
  19. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Ahhh....the joys of DIY...:headbang:

    Most budget uppers do not include just buy your own, they should all fit. Same with charging handles.

    Del-Ton has a dissipator, about $450...out of stock.
    Tony's Customs has them...about $400 and up.

    Blackthorne has an A3 flat top with removable handle in stock, $259+.

    One a cheap 20" upper, and have it cut and threaded to the shorter length. Might beat the $400 price tags...
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    Are Blackthornes any good? I’ve read some bad stuff about them. But then again, I’ve read bad stuff about Hi Point too.