Classic has AR-15's for $579

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    Anyone know anything about them. I don't have an AR yet and this seems like a pretty good price.
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    Seems like a decent deal, but Century doesn't have the best track record on quality.

  3. I saw that as well. I paid $768 for my DPMS and I wouldn't change a thing. The quality, while not the highest of the ARs, is so much better than the Olympics and Centurys. While that is a great price, you could get a better quality used DPMS or Bushmaster that would be a much better deal.

    I would not touch Century with at 10 foot pole. It seems to me that the Centurys on Classic are a hodgepodge of parts assembled together to make up the gun.

    One thing you could consider, is that if you hate the century receiver, you could easily and relatively cheaply replace is with a better receiver.
  4. Never had a lick of a problem with my late model Olympic Arms. Don't know why people complain about the newer ones. The older ones were made of cast receivers but the newer ones like mine (2006) are forged like all the big names.

    Been shooting nothing but steel cased ammo in it and works fine.
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    It takes a long time to rebuild a sullied reputation...
  6. Well yeah, theres that.

    But I honestly don't care all that much. When I bought my Oly Arms, it was new never fired and got it for 550 last year at a gun show. I didn't really care that they got 7.62x39 steel core banned about 10 plus years ago. I just wanted a cheap reliable AR.

    So I still wonder why people complain about the reliably and workmanship of Oly Arms when they always seem to be fine guns for the money.

    I sure as hell would never touch a Hesse Arms/Vulcan Armanet gun though. Now thats a shady company with shoddy workmanship.
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    If people are still complaining about them, it's probably because they're having problems... I guess I don't understand the question.

    It's a pretty commonly known fact, that even now, Oly is pretty much bottom of the barrel (no offense intended, not trying to start a pissing contest). It's kinda hit or miss. Some of them are fine, others, not so much. I would have no problem building on a stripped Oly lower, but there are better quality lowers out there for less money, so I wouldn't bother unless I found a real steal of a deal on them.

    Using forged receivers is only a very small part of the equation when it comes to building a quality, reliable weapon.

    Vulcan/Hesse isn't even fit to be ranked among the bottom of the barrel. They're scrap metal...
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    +1, aka blackthorne,
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