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    Does anyone have one? How and where did it connect. Mine has no visible places for one and I would like to add one.
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    I saw a youTube video that said it fastens to the right side, which is inconvenient for right handed shooters, so they left it off.

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    The sling mounts replace the very back top stock bolt and the very forward forearm bolt when you put the sling mounts on and yes they were on the right side i beleive, my first one didnt come with a sling so i got a cheap sling from wally world and put it on but mine already had the mounts. If u call mom they will more than likely send u the mounts and sling if u talk nicely lol.

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    Actually, it is very convenient for righties, and lefties too. Here's why.

    If you put it on the left side and sling your rifle on your shoulder, the bold handle digs into your back.;)

    It's not a shooting sling, this is a pistol caliber carbine. Though you can use it as a hasty sling, if you leave it loose enough.