Clean Bore? Now it is. You have to see this for a clean gun

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  1. I had cleaned my guns after shooting on Black Friday using my normal cleaning process.
    I thought they were clean.

    As stated in another post on our Black Friday experiences, I had stopped at a local gun store.
    While I was there I purchased som cleaning jags among other items. I had never seen the jags before but I was told that they make a dramatic difference, well they certainly do!

    This is from my 1911. I had already cleaned the gun as usual and this morning I decided to use the jag and clean it again to see if it did clean better and here are the results:


    Man, what a difference and I thought this gun was clean before.
    The patches had come out clean before using the jag.
    Well it is clean now.

    I definitely recommend using a cleaning jag now that I've seen the results for myself.

    This gun was cleaned Friday. I used a brush with Blue Wonder followed by dry patches then followed up with Hoppes Elite cleaner and more dry patches, followed yet again with Hoppes Elite Oil on a patch. The patches were clean when finished.

    Now today I cleaned again as a test but using the jag instead of the loop for a patch. The jag bushes the patch into every little nook, cranny and groove and makes a dramatic difference.
  2. Either someone wiped vaseline on my glasses or you need to ask Santa for a camera for Christmas.

  3. Mike_AZ

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    I vote Vaseline. :lol:
  4. After taking the pic I noticed a smudge on the lens, sorry for the bad pic.
    It's a digital SLR with very high resolution and interchangable lens.

    You can still see the dirt on the patches that were used with the jag though and if not then maybe check those glasses :)
  5. Those are some really nice blurry start patterns there my friend.... Here's an idea, magnifiy them about 200 times, copy it on a piece of paper, cut it out, decorate it and use it as the star on the christmas tree!! :wink:

    Seriously though, if you could post some pictures of the cleaning jag itself, that'd be great. I have an idea of what you're talking about, but I am curious as to what it really looks like. Thanks.


    Sorry, couldn't resist... :mrgreen:
  6. I bet it takes some serious force to push that down the barrel when you've got a cleaning patch over top of it. Cool looking stuff, thanks Mike_AZ.
  7. I could see how good the jag worked from the "stars" the patches, I just wanted to give you some ****.

  8. Not really too difficult to push down the barrel, I use steel, rubber coated cleaning rods

    And I did buy jags for the other guns and clean them also :)
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    After shooting you clean it once, but the metal will leach carbon out so really three days later your gun will need to be cleaned again.
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    I've used jags on my blackpowder cartridge rifles for a long time and they always do a great job. I now use them on my Garand as well as the other rifles.

  11. I shoot muzzleloaders as much or more than I do smokeless guns, so cleaning is a BIG part of my shooting hobby. I have been sold on cleaning jags for ALL my calibers as a result of my muzzleloading expierence.

    Hoop type cleaning adapters work well when all you want to do is wipe the bore down with solvent or oil, but the jag is what gets all the fouling out.

  12. What were you guys using to clean your bores if you werne't using jags?

    I always thought that was the proper method for cleaning them period.
  13. lot of people use the little patch holders that come with cheap cleaning kits. I don't use jags for all my firearms but I do for my .308.
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    No cleaning rod or jag

    I usually use some weed wacker line with a knot tied in one end and sharpened to a point on the the other end. I poke a patch or 3 over the line and guide it through the bore. I use .08" line for hand guns and some thiner line for 22.

    You don't need a photo to make a mental image of this technique.

    If I have a lot of lead in barrel I will use a bore brush to get things loosened up.
  15. Ari

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    I have some jags but I like the eyelets better.
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    Re: No cleaning rod or jag
  17. condition1

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    bore snake for a quick clean

    then solvent and patches
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    I know this dredges up an old thread. But I am kinda anal about my firearms being clean. Especially since I live on a dirt road and dust is a constant problem. I clean my guns ,yes all of them every 3 days. I use most of the processes listed here. I also clean mine before going to the range and after going. I take allot of pride in my guns and want to take the best care of them I can. At the range I run a bore snake through them.