Clean or No Clean Before Shooting

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by David Hatten, Apr 29, 2018.

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    Wierdos. ;)

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    Yeah...I'm cheap.:cool:

    But I MIGHT do 3 or 4, if it's a nice day and I'm shooting well...:bacon:

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    Choot it!!
    Oh, and welcome from the Great Southwest!!
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  4. Yardbird

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    My 1095 was well lubed and the bore was filthy, about a dozen bore patches to get it clean.
  5. kwesi

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    A buddy had his 1095TS maiden voyage to the range yesterday straight out of the box. No lube added. Fired 100 rounds of Federal 180 FMJ. Ran 100%. Perfect!
  6. 345Sire

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    I'm not going to knock the views of others here, they aren't wrong either way, but my take is just a bit different.
    With something that has the slight potential to do me serious physical harm if someone somewhere made a mistake in the assembly process, I prefer to R.T.F.M., and take down and inspect my firearms before loading them to shoot. As someone already mentioned, it also lets me be sure no metal shavings or burrs are where they shouldn't be, and it familiarizes me with the "tool". (I do home renovations, so tools are a big part of my life. My Hi-Points are also considered tools/toys, but for leisure use at this stage:))
    I can't be %100 sure these items were properly tested or inspected, even the best made tools can have problems right out of the box, and with the risk/reward factor of double-checking so high, I'm happy to spend the time assuring myself that I'm reducing the likelihood of a problem.
    Having said all that, I can tell you MY 995 has been great. Just a little oil in a few places and it's been virtually flawless firing. Nothing but a couple of feed ramp hangups, maybe from the economical Blazer rounds I was putting thru it this last time out.
    As I've seen here before, YMMV.:twocents:
  7. SWAGA

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    Clean the barrel, check the chamber, check the mags.
    Usually just with ATF.
  8. osbornk

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    I just clean the barrel enough to make sure it is clear and shoot and I have never had any problems.
  9. DIRSUPop

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    I fired mine right out the box. It was lightly lubed and i had hiccups after 70 rounds down range..FIRST TIME EVER DOING THAT AND LAST...sent it back to MOM (read my other thread post for details)..since then i have put 1,500 down range roughly 250-400 rounds per visit cleaned it after every range trip with a complete the sucker up and see what shes all about :gunner::shooting:
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  11. bullwinkle

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    I owned a Gen 1 9mm carbine .. Had it for years and years ran thousands of rounds through it ... Never broke it down .. Just swabbed the barrel ...and a squirt of oil here and there...,
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  12. CurtZHP

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    Ever since I had a brand new gun (not Hi-Point) squib on me after four rounds, I always clean them first. Not a complete takedown, but at least a few shots of Gun Scrubber and a few swabs down the barrel, just to get the factory schmutz out.
  13. ajole

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    Squibs are about ammo, not the gun’s state of cleanliness.;)