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Cleaned by Human Lips?

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There was a man traveling across Texas and he stopped to get some authentic mexican food to eat. When he got back on the road he realized that he had the "bubble guts" and had to go to the bathroom now. What he didn't realize is that the next town was 60 miles away. He managed to find a little off ramp with a gas station and ran to the bathroom as fast as he could.

So the man took a poop in the gas station and then realized there was no toilet paper. There was a hole in the wall and a sign above it that read: "When you go to the bathroom, wipe yourself with your index finger, stick it through this hole and it will be thoroughly cleaned by human lips."

Although he was disgusted by the idea, he really needed to be getting back on the road and this was the only thing he could think of to do. So the man did exactly what the sign said, but when he stuck his finger through the hole, someone at the other side slapped two bricks together against his finger and well, you get what happened!
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Oh Crap!!! HA!HA!HA! ;)
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