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  1. I not a gun person but am thinking seriously about buying a 995. How often and how difficult is it to clean? Thanks
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    They are kind of a PITA to fully disassemble but the standard cleaning is to clean the bore and chamber area after use and add a bit of lube. According to the factory you need to tear it down at around 2000 rds for a full cleaning and lube. On my 4595 I just blast it out with gun scrubber and lube it a little. 2500 rounds with no issues.

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    I have a classic 995 that I have had for almost 15 years. I just take the stock off it and pray it down with a water hose. If the gunk is stuck I spray it down with powder blast and hit it again with the hose. I blow the gun off with compressed air. Then I use a blow dryer to make sure it is dry. Then I spray it down with CLP and put the stock back on it.
  4. cicpup

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    We're supposed to clean them? I thought we just shot them till they break and MoM gives us a new one.
  5. Grant

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    When I bought mine I did a full tear down and clean. While it takes some amount of effort, it wasn't the worst thing I have done. But I am a bit anal about cleaning my guns.

    Get a bore snake and it will take about 5 minutes to clean after a trip to the range.
  6. HiPointArmorer

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    It took me a few hours the first time I deep cleaned a carbine, but after that it should only take about half-hour tops.
  7. Stogies

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    They are a bit more mechanically engaging to take apart than other modern and far pricier designs. You will need some screw drivers and wrenches but nothing much beyond that.

    I am myself not much of a person endowed with much talent for mechanics (I have never done an oil change on a car) but I watched a bit of explanation video on youtube and managed just fine :)
  8. Thanks to everyone for the helpful answers!!
  9. bscar

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    If you can find a long enough pistol bore snake, they will fit down the carbine.
    What I do is spray cleaner down the barrel, let the carbine rest on its muzzle and allow the cleaner to drain out for awhile. Then I take my bore snake and run it through the barrel a couple of times to make sure it's good and clean. After that, I wipe off any excess cleaner and get in the breech with a few cleaning pads
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    If you're going to tear it down, make sure you have that little tool. I'd also recommend a 6 in 1 screwdriver from Home Depot, a punch and a tiny hammer, and maybe a good pair of channel locks.
    The hardest part is pulling the clips from around the serial number and form around the doll head. The trigger linkage isn't as accessible as it is on a C9. Basically that's all it is, just a big version of the C9 with a couple mods and a rifle stock.
    It takes a little while to clean, perhaps 20 to 30 minutes for a full clean, but it's not terribly difficult at all.
  11. It is so easy, I do it even when I have not gone to the range,lol. It was fun the first time as the lack of finishing the parts reminded me of my MN 91-30's, lol.

  12. VinnieD

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    Just hose it down with some Break Free CLP and call it good.
  13. MistrBackgammon

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    I don't think you are supposed to do more than Vinnie said. Part of the charm of these cheap guns is that they thrive on minimal care. Don't treat it like an heirloom even though it probably will be one.

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    I just disassembled mine today, I found it rather easy. I did discover that the "toothbrush" that I use for everything but my teeth is a bit too wide, so I need to see if I can find the brush that actually came in my m-4 cleaning kit.

    I second the bore snake idea. the 9mm pistol version I bought at Walmart is plenty long enough.
  15. WelshAmerican

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    I just ordered my 995TS after hearing that it is a pain to field-strip. I figured there was a solution better than sending it back to the factory for that. (I read early-on about how well Hi Point backs its products.) Then I read what Stogies said,
    and found two versions of what to do. One is the easy solution using the bore snake (by Coyote Creek Guns) and the other is the complete field-strip (by 03Instructor). There are others there I did not watch yet.
    I bought the pistol cartridge carbine to supplement my 38 cal. pocket revolver (LCR) and 22 LR revolver (Marlin 795). This gives me greater accuracy and muzzle velocity than a 9 mm semi-automatic. (Hickock45 shows that he gets better accuracy with a 9mm carbine than with a pistol and that the velocity of the bullet is 200 fps faster out of the carbine than out of the pistol.) The 995TS will also give me range if I have a target to engage beyond the range of my handgun and with greater effect than my rim fire rifle.
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  16. Stogies

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    To be fair, it IS a lot more work than field stripping something fancier/pricier (say a Beretta CX4 storm carbine that just falls apart once you pull one pin) but should be manageable for most people.
  17. So, you guys are saying to just point the muzzle down, and soak her good with some CLP and you're good to go?
  18. SWAGA

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    Or close to it yes.
    I don't have a carbine myself but it's really not necessary to strip it after each range visit. None of the HP's actually.
    One of my favorite cleaning pics: this gun was used in competition for a year without being cleaned


    Quick wipe down of the outside and a bore snake through the barrel and call it good.
  19. USMC_VET

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    If that firearm would tried to enter my armory I would have gone after the owner or whoevers name was on his/hers gun card . That firearm would have also been placed on my dirty weapons list and been denied pay checks until completed its (3) day range cleaning and clean enough of an armorers standards to be placed back inside the armory