Cleaning gun, noticed a few "imperfections"....tak

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    While "servicing" my JCP.40 tonight I noticed a few things that are starting to bug me. Gun only has 150rds of WWB and 10rds of Magtech Gold Guardian through it.
    First off, the paint is starting to chip, or peel off the barrel. I have not overheated this gun. Took 3-4 shots, set it down and look down the spot scope. Pick it back up and fire 3-4 more, etc...
    The paint looks to be flaking due to a dirty barrel before it was painted. I don't know much more about it. Take a look below at these 2 pics.

    Now this is what scares me. You probally can't see it in the pics, I could not get a clear enough shot, even with my 8mp camera. Right where the feed ramp "mates" to the barrel, it appears to have a crack that runs straight across. I'm worried about this cracking more, and eventually breaking off. Should I send this barrell to Hi Point and have them look at it and replace if necessary, or am I just worrying too much?
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    Like this?

    As far as the flaking of the paint, a LOT of HiPoints do that.

    BTW, Just wondering, why are you servicing a HiPoint with only 150 rounds through it?

  3. perley03

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    It's not that bad, but still its a crack.
    I was giving it a thorough cleaning from the other night. Finally had enough time to sit down and clean it from firing 100 rounds. It was dirty!
    Yea, I know what you are thinking, but somethings really get to me, and that is always having a spotless and well working firearm.
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    The barrels do this.. Mine is just like that. Now the marks on the ramp I do not know.
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    Thanks perley03 for the info.
    I thought maybe you were servicing due to the weapon "feeling" different as z71silverado98 felt his weapon change in performance.

    Send that baby back, and keep us posted.
    Thanks again
  6. Send it in and let HP look at the barrel and let the decide if there is a crack in it or not. They are great when it comes to service and customer care.
  7. Get yourself a 10x jewlers loupe and look at the crack again, if it is a perfect straight line it is probably not something to worry about, but if it is anything besides perfectly straight and it still looks like a crack under magnification it needs to be sent in.

    In any matter, if you are worried about it, draw a line with magic marker on each side of the line so they will see exactly what you are concerned about and arrange to send it in and let them look at it.

    I honestly cannot see the crack in your pic, but remember that there is a steel barrel and the breech and load ramp are made out of the Zamak 3 alloy, so there will be a line where the two different metals come together.

    You might get a small magnet and see if you get no attraction on one side of the crack and attraction on the other side. The steel barrel will attract the magnet, the Zamak 3 alloy will not.

    Let us know what you find out.
  8. don't weight your life on any flaw for fire arm. sent it back to HP and ask for repair/replacement, a crack is a crack. no matter how small it is, it is something that should not be there.

    keep us update. wish the best luck.
  9. I totally agree, but there is a difference between a crack that should not be there and a seam that is supposed to be there.

    If you are not sure which it is, send it in.
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    Thanks guys for the advise. I'm going to call Hi Point tomorrow morning and see what they can do. I got an Action Pistol match this sunday, and I need a gun to compete, so this might have to wait until next monday before it can be shipped out. It would really suck if this was a serious issue and have the gun break on me during the match, but I'm thinking I should play it safe than sorry.
    I'm going to look around the house for a magnifying glass, I know I got one here somewhere's and take a good look at the crack. From the naked eye, it seems to be a staggered crack, not in a straight line. I can take my fingernail and drag it across it and feel it fetch up on the sides, but not in the middle.
    Anyways I'm going to give them a call first thing in the morning and see what they can do, either I send my barrel in and they send me a new one or if I have to ship the whole gun in.
  11. Please let us know what it turns out to be
  12. perley03

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    Well guys I havent shipped it out yet. My wife just told me she wants a divorce so I have packed most of my things and now living with my dad for a bit until I get back on my feet. So I will keep you posted about what Hi Point says about the gun.
  13. Wow, Im really sorry to hear about that perley.

    Best wishes and I hope your life settles down for you.

    Ive been there and I know there are others here that have too, so if you need to talk........
  14. Joe Sixpack

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    wow first your gun then your wife, when it rains it pours buddy..

    perhaps you can work things out.
  15. I know the feeling oh so well. Send it in. You'll get it back in no time, and all your worries will be left behind you.
  16. Krippp

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    DAMN! Just when i think i've got problems and issues, I hear this and mine now seem insignificant. best of luck and keep your head up
  17. perley03,

    Best of luck to you, been there done that, life does get better. Keep us informed about what Beemiller says about you pistol.
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    thanks guys. Sad thing is we were married for one MONTH. Yes, you read correctly. She pushed our marriage a few months early, and I said what the heck, so we did it. Then I noticed some things not adding up, confronted her and she said she thought it would bring us closer together, but she said we can't save the relationship and would be better off not being together anymore.
    So yea life really sucks right now. Gun should ship out at the end of the week and I should have it back within a few weeks.
    By the way, I'm only 22.
  19. Man,
    That's a tough spot to be in. Prayin' for ya here. But if there is a less dark to side to the situation, at least you're finding out now.

    Keep your head down and your hopes up.
  20. Thayldt21

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    My first marriage was at 19 and devorce was final before I was 20 if I remember correctly.

    ANY way. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I hope the best for you.

    And thank god your still young enough to recover. Even though it may not seem so.