Cleaning HP380 silver stripe-what's best to use ?????

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    What would be best to use for cleaning the silver stripe on an HP? I'm selling my HP-380 and I want that silver stripe as bright as it was the day I purchased it.
  2. Slide stripe

    as I don't have a 380 could you tell me if there is a coating on the silver stripe?? if there is you would have to remove it prior to polishing the stripe. Otherwise you can use a good mag wheel polish like Mothers or Turtle Wax !!

  3. I've heard mothers works fantastic for guns,...and your rims!!!!!
  4. I use Eagle one polishing wads on my revolver.
    I like it more then the cream because its not as messy.
    Although all i use to clean the silver stripe on my 380 is rem oil and a terry cloth it works just fine.

    I dont use the wads on the 380 because for some reason it just oxidizes again in a week or two.