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go to walmart get a can of powder blast blast out the gun and mag you won't have a need to take the gun or the mag down to clean or oil oil it. now i would recomend takin the gun down atleast one time every year to inspect it but other than that just hit it with the powder blast and then lightly oil it and it's good to go.same with the mag. now if your in a humide and salty enviroment like me i recoment heavy oil. but if your in a dry dusty area then lightly oil.
Hey Wolverine,

Ever heard of this for cleaning your 995 and magazines? I love mine but just don't have the time for breaking it down to clean it.

Would love to hear some real world, everyday cleaners (names please)that I can pick up easily. I need to maintain the weapon but do it effectively and efficiently. Thanks for any help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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