Cleaning my GLOCKs

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  1. Looks like a tuperware party to me............. :wink:

  2. s0b3

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    Glocks need to be cleaned??? :shock:
  3. yep they sure do. But tupperware is dishwasher safe
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    i owned 4 at one time in the past. i got rid of all the compacts as i couldnt shoot worth a darn with them.

  5. JasonJ

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    that must be like a police dept. rack or something.. no ONE person would ever buy that many.. Glock doesnt even make that many different models and its silly to have more than 2 of each..
  6. No, its private. Go to GLOCK talk. Some guys have 3+ of each model... one guy REALLY loves his G19's and is looking for more. They're kinda like AR-15's... you can make each unique. you have 4 different generations to choose from (1, 2, 2.5, 3), and each generation has several variants (smooth trigger/target trigger, 3.5lb , 5.5lb, 8.5lb, etc. triggers, fixed/adjustable/night sights, finger grooves/smooth grips, the list goes on.
  7. Strangerous

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    I wish I had that kind of money to throw away.
  8. Yeah... though on the flip side some guys here have 3 995's, two of which are the exact same stock. *Shrug*. It happens. If one is good, more is better :).

    ETA: And don't get me started on the people with 50+ MN's lol.
  9. elguapo

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    ......soo, its ok with you guys if I have more than one MN?
  10. Strangerous

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    Anything to keep you from placing ammo/firearm monies in "the bottle" and into scantily clad women's undergarments! (Look at Taurus357's signature if you do not get it.)
  11. 45Man

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    Half of my Glock, 15rd .45ACP mag. Barska 50mm red dot was too dim to see in daylight. Soon to be replaced with Simmons red dot.
  12. My cheap ol' BSA that came with the 4095 has been plenty bright for me, and not that expensive... might consider looking into it.