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So I did a good thorough cleaning of my M44 today when I got home from the range and I still don't think it's "completely" clean?! Mind you I'm a bit OC when it comes to cleaning my guns and keeping them clean so this is frustrating to say the least! This is the second time I've shot it for about 200 total rounds now, and I'm loving it! I was hitting 500 yard gongs today! :D

The first time out I ran some patches down the pipe before shooting it just to make sure there wasn't any bad stuff or blockage. Then after shooting it I did the reccomended anti corrosion clean out at the range with Hoppes #9. Came home and cleaned it like normal and noticed that I never got a really clean patch after a few runs of brushes and patches? So this time I decided I'm cleaning the heck out of it till I get no colored patches through it. However that still never happened?

I did the anti corrosion clean out at the range again today and then came home and started the regular cleaning routine I use. I'd run the brush with Hoppes a few times and then a cotton patch with Hoppes a couple of times and then repeat again and again and.... well you get the idea. I noticed that the patch's would start to look cleaner if I didn't run the brush any more but they still never came out clean? And when you look down the barrel it still looks like it has some grit in there. :? I also used a couple different copper removers to see if that was part of it but I still had the same results. I've also used some CLP and a couple of other cleaning agents I have laying around to no avail. :( So am I just seeing cosmolin residue and need to bake it out? Or is this a condition of milsurp ammo?
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