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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Gonzo480, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Since its been a while from the time I last owned a gun. I am wondering how you guys clean your C9? After its first 350 rds I ran a bore snake through it with some Hoppes 9, got as much out of the chamber as I could and then lightly oiled the slide. Should I be oiling the firing pin as well? Also, the hoppes 9 can go into the chamber as well right, and clean all the chit outta there?

    Sorry for the questions, I sound like such a NEWBIE :?
  2. i clean it with patches every time after range. and after 1000rd, i'll stripe clean it and oil up the firing pin and slide. i never find the liking of bore snake, it's great if i just want my barrel to be clean but i want all the corners clean too, so i use cleaning rod and patches instead.

    also, i'm pretty noob too. but after first time strip my c9, i feel so much better and understand my c9 now.

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    oldnoob---do you run a light coating of oil down the barrel too? Do you oil the firing pin?
  4. Doesnt hurt to put a light coat of in in the barrel, just dont get carried away

    Same with the firing pin.. light coat of a thin oil or something similar would be fine, and I personally would not oil it every time I shot the pistol
  5. Agree - if you keep it loaded for HD or carry, you don't want your shots sitting in an oil bath, nothing good can come from that.

    I have close to 200o through mine and I've not torn it down yet. I'm waiting for my first jam or similar problem......... waiting......... waiting....... :)
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    I took mine apart yesterday and was surprised in how many little cracks powder residue will end up.
  7. i had a spray type gun oil, and i used to spay way to much oil in the barrel the next day i find out my c9 have oil leaking everywhere. since then i either don't put any oil in the barrel or very light spray and whip it off with patches.
  8. also, if you shoot often. around 1000~1500rd you should strip clean it. and for c9 you need to use pin punch. you can get it in normal hardware store it usually come with a kit 3 or more size in one kit. you need 3/32" just to take out the slide. it cost about 5~10 bucks in homedepo and around 10~15 bucks online for gun pin punch kit but it usually come with small hammer and box for it.
  9. Yeah they are very easy to tear down, the guys that complain that they are difficult have obviously never tore down a M2 50 cal heavy machine gun :)

    You can get a punch at your local hardware store for a couple of bucks to punch the pin out, I use a 3/32 and it works fine for the C9 JCP 40 and JHP45 pistols
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    Thanks for the info....Yesterday I ran the bore snake through it with some #9, and then lightly oiled.....Man this forum you get replies FAST :shock:. I am planning on getting my cwp, since in AZ its pretty easy, since I've passed the 300 round "test' you think a C9 would be a good carry gun? :?
  11. Lots of those here carry the C9. It's different than some, smaller, larger, heavier, lighter... all that stuff. Get a good holster (you can find threads on here about C9 holsters), and go to town. I don't carry C9 so I don't have good carry holster myself.

    I like that you mentioned "passing the test" - good for you. Be sure your test includes your SD ammo too - you don't need to get that surprise!
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    One of the other members (Taurus357) got me thinking about the foaming bore cleaner. I started using this on the Hi_Points as this makes it easy. I lock the slide back shoot the foam down the barrel let it foam up the chamber area too. Then I let it sit afterward I rod and wipe it out. The stuff I am using also lubes.
  13. Ari I have wondered about that stuff also, so you have not noticed any ill effects on any plastic parts?

    I bought some Break Free Power Blast cleaner, but it cautions about using on plastic parts so I am leery of using it
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    I am using wipe-out brushless bore cleaner.. It says it is safe for modern gunstock finishes. I have had zero trouble with it.
  15. I clean my C-9 every other range trip. Hoppes #9 down the barrel and ramp, then dry patches until clean. I also use a oil pen to lube everything that needs it.