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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Lex, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Lex

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    Just got a 995. I haven't had it apart yet. I was wondering what the easiest way to clean it would be? I am thinking about getting an Otis Tactical kit or a bore snake. Anyone have any comments on the Otis system?

    Not sure which bore snake to get. A 9mm pistol? or the .357 riffle?

    Here are the different bore snakes. Would appreciate any suggestions.

    This forum is a great help!



    24009 .177 Airgun (no brush)

    24010 .17 cal. Centerfire & .17HMR

    24011 .22 cal. Centerfire & Rimfire

    24012 6mm, .243 caliber

    24013 .25, 6.5mm, .264 caliber

    24014 .270, 7mm, .284, .280 cailber

    24015 .308, 30-30, .30-06, .300, .303 caiber

    24016 .32, 8mm caliber

    24017 .338, .340 caliber

    24018 .35, .350, .357, .358, .375 cailber

    24019 .416, .44, .45-70, .458, .460 caliber

    24020 .50, .54 caliber

    24025 .204 caliber

    24026 .25 mm caliber

    24037 Paintball Marker (no Brush)

    Pistols & Revolvers

    24000 .22 caliber

    24001 .30, .32 caliber

    24002 .380, 9mm, .38, .357 caliber

    24003 .40, .41 caliber

    24004 .44, .45 caliber
  2. The pistol one may be a little short, I plan on getting the .357 rifle one for mine.

    Let us know what you do so we can copy you. ;)

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    I have the Otis system and a boresnake. Both work fine, but the Otis allows you to use heavier brushes and do a better job. I like to pull the boresnake thru at the Range when I'm finished shooting, get the worst out, then do a detailed cleaning with the Otis later. Also, the Otis pistol kit is not long enough for a carbine barrel, make sure you get the rifle version
  4. I am not a big fan of bore snakes because they are a pain to clean up, but a lot of folks do like them and they work.

    Most of the bore snakes designed for pistols have a really short lead line and I doubt it would make it thru the 995 barrel. If you are unable to find a 9mm carbine bore snake the one for the .357 carbine would work just as well. When buying bronze bore brushes or patch jags for cleaning they are often sold as .380/.9mm/.38/.357 because the difference in bore size is not significant enough to make a difference when it comes to the brushes and cleaning jags. As far as brush or no brush on the snake, thats a user preference, now if you decide to shoot cast lead bullets I would definitely get some type of brush for bore cleaning after each shoot.

    No exp with the Otis system.
  5. I do not have any experience with the Otis system either, and just got my first bore snake.

    I like how it works, and will deal with the washing of it when it comes to that. :)
  6. snake is fine for minor range cleaning but thats about it. I keep one with my .308 to pull out a bit of crud before I go home for the day. Hi-point recommends a through cleaning at about 500 rounds(ircc). It is fairly simple to do and you get all the powder fouling out rather than just cleaning the bore
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    If it is new out of the box, I would not be so concerned about snakes and such. When I got my 995 I disassembled it the first thing. It was very very dirty. It was full of chips left over from manufacturing. You need to clean it up before you do anything else.




    The photos are not that good but believe me there was a lot of junk in there.