cleaning your C9

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  1. perry23117

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    is it ok you think to clean my C9 after i shoot it everytime just like a quick clean and wipe down with oil will it hurt it becouse i do this everytime im done shooting it no matter what lol jw
  2. TnShooter83

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    Won't hurt it at all......
    Clean it as much as you like, for as long as you want.

    HiPoint recommend the bore to be brushed every 300-400 rounds.
    And Complete disassembly between 1,500-2,000 rounds.

    As for me I wipe down the exterior, removes grips wipe down parts.
    Also swab bore, and chamber. Never completely disassembled one..YET.

    I have 3 HiPoints and will be picking up a .40 S&W this week.
    So it will be a good while before any of mine reach 1500+ rounds.

  3. A quick clean will not hurt anything

    I think part of the reason Hi Point does not want us to totally tear it down every shooting is that the pin that holds the pistol together goes through the plastic frame, and every time it is punched in and out it makes the hole a tiny bit bigger until it is too big for the pin to stay in securely

    My guess anyway
  4. perry23117

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    if that happens can you buy a tad bit bigger pin for it jw
  5. TnShooter83

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    I think it is a combination of the 2
    The hole might get a little bigger, and the rolled pin might get slightly smaller. Not sure if there is a "slightly" bigger pin. But I'm pretty sure I can uncoil the rolled pin enough to make it bigger.

    I think another reason they don't recommend it, is that is is a little difficult to put back together if not aligned right.