Clerke first 32

Discussion in 'Other SNS' started by 84minieldo, Jul 4, 2020.

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    image.jpg image.jpg Paid off the layaway yesterday..
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  2. You have my sympathies on this one.
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    I had a friend's Clerke First for a couple of weeks. .32 S&W. They came in other calibers. .22lr was one of them. That is pot metal surrounding a steel sleeve for the barrel. Firing pin on the hammer is good for less than 175rds. Some of the new ones came in a box with a deck of playing cards so when you lose at cards..............shoot the player that is taking your money. :yikes: Hope you didn't pay too much for it. Hope it doesn't blow up in your hand if you shoot it.
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  4. Clerke Firsts were available in three flavors: .22 starter pistol, in .22LR, and .32 S&W. As TNT said, pot metal surrounding a steel sleeve barrel, with a steel cylinder and steel firing pin. Pretty much everything else was Zamak of dubious quality.

    The Clerke First's "contribution" to the gun world was making an RG-10 look good in comparison.
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    i had cap guns when i was a kid that looked stouter than that thing!!!
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    Lol, tho I paid too much $ was a layaway at the start of the plague,it was in the final days of,and this little guy looks like it sat in a drawer most it’s life. Mainly collectors piece,lock up is tight and cylinder looks new ,no drag lines and not much obvious wear on the little star
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    That's saying a lot coming from the SNS expert on this forum.

    That said, it is in remarkable condition. I have a buddy that has two of these he turned into table lamps for his man cave.
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  8. What can I say? I owned one, box and all. It was part of a package deal for a odd ball gun that I really wanted and just had to have. I paid something like $25 for the Clerke and thought that was $24 too much. I no longer have it and don't miss it.

    I never shot it because I simply didn't trust the thing. Guess that makes me a gun snob!
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    When Mr. Saturday Night Special doesn't endorse a particular cheap handgun, I'll definitely stay away from it.
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    Makes me want one.
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    I picked up a Clerke first 22 in a trade about 7 years ago. It was the only gun that I have ever owned that I was afraid of. It made a Rg 10 look like a Colt snake gun in comparison. I shot one cylinder of 22 shorts thru it and stopped while I still had all my fingers. I gave it to one of my Dads friends. He keeps it on his lawn mower in a zip lock bag, loaded with rat shot for snakes.
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    My rg14 is a beast
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