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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by willie, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. willie

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    clip on c9 falls out while shooting has any one else had this prob if so what was the fix for it
  2. Think1st

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    If your magazine keeps falling out, it is likely that you haven't inserted it far enough for it to lock into place properly. Try inserting the magazine with fewer rounds loaded into it, thereby reducing the amount of resistance to it. The top round presses against the bottom of the slide, and the more rounds you have in your magazine, the harder that the top round will press against the bottom of the slide.

    Also, when you insert the magazine, try holding the magazine release button in until you feel the magazine slide past it. From there, let go of the button, and give a firm, but not too-hard tap up on the bottom of the magazine. You should hear a click when it is properly locked in.

    Let us know if that does not work.

    **Note: Ensure that you are at a range, with the weapon pointed downrange if using live rounds for this.

  3. cicpup

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    If Think didn't solve it, carefully remove the right side grip. Don't let the parts fall out. You'll see a small bent piece of wire in a hole and slot. That is the tension spring for the mag release. Curve it slightly to add more tension and put the C-9 back together, making sure the grip is well seated and the screw is nice and tight without stripping the hole. Repeat as necessary till your happy with the results.
  4. Are you a lefty? I've accidentally hit the mag release button on mine; I ground the button down a bit and it's been fine.
  5. what_now

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    Also check the internal magazine catch and the flare on the magazine to make sure there isn't any excessive wear causing the malfunction.
    If either of those are the cause, the magazine catch assembly can be easily replaced if needed but the magazine will have to go back to MoM.
  6. willie

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    c9 clip falling out while shooting

    took c9 out tried some things that was posted shoot www 115 fmg same problem put blazer 115 fmj with steel case had no problems at all must be the ammo but why have shot www before had no problem
  7. colthrash

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    have you changed your grip at all? do you have more than one magazine? If so, are they all factory mags or aftermarket? does it do this with all your magazines? if it only does this with one magazine, you have a bad one. if it does it with all magazines, it is the internals (see above post) or if you are not comfortable with this, use the warranty and they will fix it.
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    My opinion of this forum just went up tenfold. Any other forum would have instantly attacked the OP for wrong terminology. Here 6 people have offered suggestions, not ridicule. Good form guys!
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    It's cyclical lol....
    We've had many a thread train wreck because of the clip/magazine 'controversy'
    That subject has been quiet for a little bit now.
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    Wait for it. He has to pay his dues eventually.
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    We are being sneaky. We will wait until the problem is resolved and the OP is happy, then we will pounce.