Clip issues with the ATI stock

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  1. I just got done installing the ATI stock. I like the looks but what a PITA. Anyways, when the clip is inserted, there is some play up/down, side/side with the clip. Is this normal and will this cause any feeding issues?

    Also, this clip isn't that easy to remove. Is this normal?

  2. I have the same issue. I took out the mag release and trimmed it just a touch. I just ran a file on the plug section that goes in to the ATI stock. I figured that that was just one of the things that had to happen due to the molding. It gave me enough clearence for the mag to fall freely.

  3. So you filed the part that retains the spring? What about the sloppiness of the clip when inserted?
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    I already see your are using the wrong equipment...

  5. Let me see if I guess right:
    Mauser or K31 - Comp 9
    Garand - Glock
    45LC - AK
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    Its not comparing them, its saying "these are clips, these are mags"
  7. Yes that is the part I am talking about.

    Nd there isnt anymore slop in the MAGAZINE (lol) then there was befor I did it. It just goes further in now
  8. Some people do not care if they are called the wrong name, others cringe when it happens.

    Easiest way to remember is a clip is what holds rounds and is used to load either an internal or removable (usually internal) magazine of a weapon.
  9. I know that. I was trying to identify what each clips belonged to.
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    At first I was trying to figure out if it was the retainer clip that snugs the receiver to the stockthat was loose, or mag wobble in the grip. I had some wobble with the mags in my ATI, but it still ran just fine... just molded that way. As far as the mag not falling free, it could very well be the release, and Stryker got that fix covered.
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    That's funny. My ATI stock doesn't want to give up mags.

    Also, tangentially, language (especially the English language) is organic. The speaker gives the language meaning, not the other way around. 'Mag' and 'clip' are now used interchangeably in the vernacular and it's yet to make the sun fizzle out.
  12. Well, since we're completely off the subject, Whats the differance between an engine and a motor. :mrgreen:
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    One is for sieging castle walls.
  14. Your Rhetoric is stylish and clever, but wrong. Might as well call a magazine a loader. A clip is a clip and a magazine is a magazine they are in no way interchangeable, figuratively, metaphorical, or in a gun!
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    Except when a clip goes in your hair and a magazine is bought by the subscription. Words only have the meaning we give them. Or do you want to be like the Académie française and get your toga in a bunch when "e-mail" entered common usage in the French language? "Courrier electronique", indeed.

    Back on topic.
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    My ATI initially gave me some problems but by disassembling and fine tuning the mag release, I eliminated them for the most part.To release the mags I must hold my hand on the bottom of the mag and apply a tiny bit of pressure, then they fall without a problem. In inserting the mag a slight upward tap seats them firmly. I believe one of the reviews of the oem, required the same procedure.
  18. Same here it is like it gets hung up but just the smallest amount. A touch is all it takes and the mag falls out. But it still has some side to side play but doesnt seen to affect the function at all. It is very nil when the mag is fully loaded and there is some pressure on it from the rounds pushing on the bolt group of the weapon..... Just my .02
  19. Hopefully I can get to the range saturday and I'll find out then if there are any operational issues.
  20. I just got back to the range after 200 rds. I had one FTF-loaded the mag wrong. Otherwise no problems at all. Whatever was hanging up the mag shot itself loose

    All in all, after 500+ rounds, I've had 1 FTF, 0 FTE, and 30 round groups are averaging 1.5" at 30 tds.