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  1. Ok sorry if this go too far but I love this forum but I have one big pet peeve its when I read posts and hear people call magazines clips maybe its because of my dad beating it into my head the difference but it annoys me when people do it so hear is a vid that tells the difference [ame][/ame] but its pretty simple the clip feeds the magazine and the magazine feeds the weapon.

    Sorry to sound like an a**hole but had to get it off my chest
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    I'm with you!

    A mag is a mag.

    A clip is a clip.

    A mag is not a clip.

    A clip is not a mag.

  3. I sometimes find that I have to walk away from discussions when people call a magazine a clip. It can be downright irritating. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. I personally think it is unhealthy to get so hung up on such a meaningless discrepancy. I have often interchanged the two terms over the years and likely will continue to do so without much thought. Even Cabela's shows magazines and clips in their pages seemingly random.

    I guess say what you want. If we're so hung up on terminology with little, if any, difference then it likely doesn't make us much better than the gun snobs that won't consider a Hi-Point as a legitimate hand gun.
  5. That's a really awesome video :) The guy does a great job of showing the difference while also showing how to load mag's from clips.
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  7. Some of us have usedthe termsd interchangeably because we didn't understand the distinction. :oops: Thanks for the education.

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    Some say potAto some say potahto whoppty doo. Clip, mag WHATEVER!! If ya gotta be PC over it, it'll just give ya high blood pressure and ulcers. :D
  9. Dude, they mean two different things. Yeah, they are related, but you don't see people going around calling triggers "firing pins." Yeah, they are related, but they are obviously not one in the same. So I really can't say I see correlation between that and the "gun snobs."

    They are two different things, not really any room for argument on that one.
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    jesus tap dancing christ not this again.

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    Dude it is like when people call rattlesnakes poisonous. The technically correct term is venomous and the two things are separate, but the argument is largely a semantic one and one not worth getting bent over.
  12. It's actually not exactly the same thing as your comparison. I really don't care all that much either way honestly. If people want to use the wrong word for something that's their prerogative. But they ARE two different devices.
  13. Ok, seriously, I am still laughing about this. That's one of the funniest things I've heard in a LONG time :D :lol: :lol:
  14. And yet here you are. But don't let me, little old me, throw a hatchet in everyones fun and games. Let's have a couple well respected companies clear this tedious, unimportant, issue up for everyone. Or will they?
    Remington's Terminology
    Cabela's Terminology
    Well in review I see two well respected companies referring to a magazine as a clip and a clip as a magazine. Are we to boycott? It's like this. People talk all the time of the huge horns on the buck they shot. But bucks do not have horns, they have antlers. Big freakin deal. Get over it! There was a time not so long ago this forum had a more laid back feeling. Not so much lately. Everyone seems to be on edge. I stayed out for several days to see if it was maybe by chance me. I hate to say it but it seems worse in a few short days. What's next? Yelling at people for calling ammunition "bullets" and not cartridges? Have fun with this one, I'm gonna go play in another more logical thread awhile.
  15. Honestly man, you're the one that seems to be going over the edge with it. So two companies don't know what word to use. And? This is nothing new. Happens all the time. Doesn't mean we should promote that sort of thing, but it is ultimately unavoidable.
  16. Why can't everybody get along? :cry:
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    What the heck is that supposed to mean?!!!! :wink: :roll:
  18. That's my PC way of telling everyone to cut the crap and watch the video. It makes good points, but we are in no way trying to structure your way of thinking. If you want to call it a clip, call it a damn clip. Just don't get all butt hurt when other people laugh at you, as you have at that point given up your right to complain.

    If there is one thing that I appreciate, it's knowledge. As a kid growing up, I never owned a gun of any kind after I was shot in the eye with a BB. So, I had to learn everything I know about firearms on my own with no parental guidance. Everytime someone showed me a gun, or asked me a question I just looked at them like a friggin' retard, cuz I had no idea what they were talking about. Knowledge is a good thing. It's like going to the Auto Parts store and asking for a belt. Which belt do you need? Uh.... the belt that makes the pulleys turn.... OK... On that model car, you have 4 belts.... blah blah blah you get the idea. Thing is, the point is the same. Know the parts of your firearms, it reduces confusion if you ever need to ask for help. Personally, I like to know the proper names for all the parts of my guns, my car, my truck etc. It just makes me feel better, and makes me look more intelligent when I talk to someone about it. Just my $0.02.

    Oh, and we don't need a flame war over this subject. Just take the video at face value. If you come away with a better understanding, good for you. If not, good for you. 'Nuff said.
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    So a magazine is a device that holds cartridges in a weapon while a clip is a device that hold cartridges to be loaded into a magazine. OK, got that.

    So why is the magazine for an M1 Garand also a clip? Because it functions as a holder of cartridges both outside and inside the weapon. :idea:

    I think this is where the idea of a clip and a magazine being interchangeable got started. With most military bolt guns, charger clips were used to make reloading the weapon faster. Then the Garand came along and muddied the waters. I've read the older tech manuals on this weapon. Even the US Army of the time started using the phrases interchangeably. :shock:

    OK. Now it makes sense. The M1 has an internal magazine that the clip slides into. But it still got the idea started of "Toss me another clip" meaning "I need another mag". Funny how the old terms morph with time and newer technology.
  20. The magazine for an M1 Garand is not also a clip. The clip is inserted into the magazine of the M1 Garand. I believe the video demonstrates this, and also makes the point of where this might cause confusion.

    Big +1 to what Primal said as well. And with that, I think I'll be done with this now and get my CoD 4 on :)