"Close call"... in more than one way!

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  1. First off, a little back story to explain:

    Woke up with a stiff neck and a headache from hades... for those of you with medical training "Meningitis" should be the first thing that pops into your head. Anyway, I try and "cowboy up" and see if it gets better (I really don't want to go to the ER, and even if I did I can't afford it). About 11 hours later I give up (and after having a nurse yell at me over the phone for playing with my life like this), and go to the ER (a friend drives me). As the hospital is a no-no zone, I leave the piece at home. Go in, get a PET scan followed by a spinal tap (in retrospect, you think they'd give you the morphine BEFORE they start putting the needle in ya... lets just say it wasn't pleasant). I come out clear, and EDIT: AFTER BEING ALLOWED TO SLEEP FOR 2-3 HOURS I'm released. My brain's pretty fuzzy, forget to ask for a cab, and being a "stupid tough guy" I start hoofing it home (only about 2 miles... but considering I just had an invasive procedure and i still am feeling the after-effects of the morphine, not such a good idea).

    Anyway, to the firearms part of the story:

    Walking home, I go under a rather long bridge (sidewalk closed). Gang markings are all over the place. I've always thought "if I'm ever going to get jumped, this is the place". Unfortunately, this is the only way I can go. I go on high-alert (or as close as I can come to it). Two males are in front of me, and they don't reputable in the least. They're slowing down, almost pacing me about 20 yards in front of me. Then they disappear behind a pillar and are out of sight. I'm about 2/3 of the way towards "daylight" and almost in view of cars driving by. I analyze my options: retreat or advance. I calculate that if I try and retreat, I can be run down completely out of sight. If I continue forward, chances are if the situation does get ugly I can at least make sure someone sees it and hopefully calls 911.

    I continue forward, and all of a sudden a car comes squealing tires around the corner, comes to a stop, and all of a sudden everyone's producing guns. My brain shouts "COVER!!!!" and I start going on a diagonal path away from the incident... right before freaking airsoft pellets start flying all over the place. They'd painted over the bright red tips, I could have sworn they were real.

    I was entertaining thoughts before of moving back home to Maryland, but this sealed my desire to stay in Missouri. This was the exception to the rule (me being unarmed), whereas Maryland is a "may issue" state, i.e. never unless you're a retired cop or know the governor.

    Moral of the story: don't walk around unarmed, go to the doctor sooner than later.
  2. Just think the trouble you'd be in if you were armed and they pulled weapons on you and you opened fire with out knowing they weren't real. Better yet, think of the 'bloody' trouble those kids would be in. They were stupid, not ignorant, but plain stupid as hell to 1. paint the orange to black, and 2. pull them out on someone who could possibly have been armed and shot them without a second thought.

    Now on to you, you only have one body, take of it! :wink:

  3. I'm going to check with a lawyer friend, but I'm pretty sure Missouri has a "Reasonable fear" law, i.e. if any reasonable person would be in fear of their life in that situation, lethal force is permitted in defense of self.
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    If a policeman can drop a kid with a modified toy gun without penalty, i see no reason why you cant do the same, given you have a permit to carry.
  5. Don't have a car (looking for a cheap junker) so I'm usually walking around anyway... I just usually do so armed.
  6. those kids didn't know they were knocking the door to death and he wasn't home that day.
  7. I don't think I would have fired as it looked like a private dispute, but I definitely would have drawn and prayed to God that none of them started trying to draw a bead on yours truly. I have no desire to take a human life, but I have even less desire to lose my own.
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    OK so those kids were shooting at you?
    Or did they shoot at the people in the car which where part of the "gang"?
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    i for sure would have pulled my weapon under cover.. if i saw even the HINT that a barrel of anything is being pointed my way id let lead fly.

    as has happened in many states, prosecution would have a tough time nailing you for anything given those circumstances.

    and in michigan, if you feel your life, or the life/well being of another is threatened, then lethal force is authorized to nuetralize that threat.

    prime case where all of those kids could have ended up shot to death.
  10. It was strictly between them. I think they'd been eyeing because they weren't sure if I was "part of it" or whatever... either way those kids are darn lucky. Some people *sigh*. Especially because if they tried that stunt with any of the number of local gangs running around they'd be lucky if they were only shot (some such as MS-13 tend to get a little "Creative" when killing people at times).
  11. Wow.
    Sounds like you're a tough, er I mean sometimes thick headed guy like myself.
    I too was in ER and went without my gun but wasn't fortunate enough to be released. I also went alone and walking.
    I spent a week in Coronary care after a heart attack and 2 stents, I still have to go back in a few weeks for two more stents but the Drs. want me to heal a bit first.

    I had a pain in my arm that spread across my back ind into my chest but being tough I decided it couldn't be serious as it lasted for a few hours.
    I was admitted, stabalized and transported to a bigger facility by ambulance a few hours later.
    I just got home a few days ago. My family Dr. on a follow up visit today remarked "Welcome back, you survived".

    Well, I've quit smoking totally (I had cut back alot before from 2+ packs a day to 5 cigs a day) but now I'm done.
    I've also made dramatic changes to my diet and after my 2nd procedure in a few weeks I'll be entering cardiac rehab then when the docs say ok I'll be adding supervised exercise to my new life.

    On a very positive note, the day after being sent home my wife drove me to the range and stayed by my side allowing me to shoot her Walther P-22, she didn't allow me to shoot my 1911 yet but hey it was range time :D

    Moral of this story: There comes a time when being a tough guy is no longer prudent, those pains might really mean something.

    I'm glad you're ok and hope you have a complete recovery.
    Take care.
  12. Thank you much. A few prayers directed towards God, the insurance company , and the hospital would be appreciated as well :). Out of the thousands of dollars, my oh-so-generous insurance company has decided to pay out $600. I wish I didn't even have insurance; then I could apply for un-insured charity. Oh well, that's managed health care for you.
  13. Consider yourself very lucky.
    My bills haven't started to arrive yet, I'll probably have another heart attack when they do.

    Try 2 different ER's, an ambulance ride, 2 cardiologists installing stents, a week in CICU and other doctors, tests and labs.

    And I still need the entire thing (almost, done again) in a few weeks for two more stents followed by rehab.

    Wanna trade medical bills? :lol:
  14. Jeez. Just walk in, say your name is "John Smith", Your social is "123-555-7890" and you live at "123 any street". It's what all the illegals do around here, and they don't owe a dime (used to work in a hospital... a little bit bitter).
  15. Understood.
    I'm more than a little bit bitter at the state of U.S. Healthcare.
    I've had minor issues in the past and was treated 2nd rate and billed for it while those unwilling to work have been admitted to hospitals for a week at a time because they had a cold, yes, this is firsthand knowledge.

    Now I do have a serious problem and the bills run into the tens of thousands of dollars and I'm respnsible for what ins don't cover.

    The ins copanies are after me for a date to return to work and it's only been a week and a half,

    Sheesh. Anybody know the secret to getting on welfare?
  16. Yeah, go to Mexico, recross the border illegally, and learn to speak Spanish. :x

  17. Lol
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    I am a nurse and walking home was definitely asking for trouble.

    First of all after a lumbar puncture you are ordered to stay flat on your back for 24 hours so the hole in your spine can clot and seal so spinal fluid doesn't start leaking all over the floor. You could also get what is called a spinal headache which is very painful.

    They also won't release you from the ER unless you have a driver. Most hospitals won't release you to a cab driver but only someone you know.

    In most cases you are allowed to shoot and kill someone who is shooting at you with what appears to be a deadly weapon. Yes this includes BB and pellet guns or airsoft guns with the tips painted black.

    Are you sure you're not embellishing slightly?
  19. Embellish? Trust me, I'm sure of what I saw.

    edit: above story edited for clarification