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  1. Hey guys had a close call today, thought someone broke into my house. I came home parked my car walked up the my first door and unlocked it the walked to my second door and I heard my cat behind the door going crazy (he has a bell on his collier long story) then as I open the second door I heard something drop in the basement and what sounded like footsteps so as per my HD plan I went to my wall safe opened it and took out my C9 and proceded to clear my house room by room heart pounding leaving the lights on as I went through all the rooms of the house t when I was done I checked all the windows and doors and they were all locked. Turns out it was a shelf in the basement that overturned and stuff slid off it. Just to make sure I checked my video cameras to see if anyone came to the front or back door and didn't see anything. Man I was afraid I just glad it was a false alarm, after talking to primal I think im gonna add a switch in my wall safe that turns on all the lights in my house. I cannot WAIT till my permit comes in so I can carry all the time
  2. Glad to hear it was a false alarm. My heart would have been pounding too!

  3. good thing all was ok i have had a scare or two like that before
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    I did something like that. I was sitting in my room in the dark with my headphones on. The internet stopped working so I went over to look at my router. I started to fiddle with it when I noticed one of my wires was cut. I leaned in close to look at it and suddenly a heard a thump behind me. It scared me to death. I grabbed my gun and looked around the room. after finding the room to be completely empty I sat back down at my computer and tried to turn on a song. It was only then that I noticed my headphone cord had pulled one of my speakers off of the table and that it had fallen on the floor.
  5. Been there too not that long ago.

    Had some Hellacious winds going and they were blowing chucks of snow off of my garage roof and flinging them at my house. Sitting there on the couch with the dogs and suddenly WHUMP one of these crusty snow chunks hits the east wall of my house. Neither dog even wanted to move they were so freaked out. This is the middle of the evening mind you.
    Out came the Mossberg 12 ga and off went the lights. Checked out the windows and only then did I see another chunk of crusty snow come streaking in at the house.
    Wife comes home and sees the shotgun.

    "Did another guy at work threaten everyone?"
  6. Good job of thinking before panicking. :)
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    Dont think that carrying will make things any safer to an unknown in your house.
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    One of the most serious tactical errors a person can make is to place their selfs in danger over personal property. Going in blind and trying to clear rooms by yourself is a Hugh mistake, if you really feel something is amiss when you return home the first thing to do is call your house with your cell. That way if a family member returned home early they most likely will answer the phone. If no one picks up slowly circle your home using available cover to see where the possible entry and exit points are located that the bad guys used (Kicked open door, Broken window, ETC). If that comes up negative and you still feel that something is wrong just call 911 and let the Police clear the house, they have body armor, shotguns and if their trained correctly a cover and move room clearing method. Plus they get paid for doing this stuff, make them earn their pay check for the day! Insurance covers property, Overtime will replace property, and as we all know your life is worth more then a few dollars. On the other side if your home alone and you feel someone broke in I would personally Barricade in place and call police, once again let them do their job's. I'M sure someone out there right now is thinking that Glockman with all his training would go right after the bad guy and screw waiting for Police. I can honestly say that I would not unless someone in my family would be placed in danger by me waiting for the arrival of the Police.
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    I know what you saying Gman, Ive driven up to suspicious vehicles before and i keep going then call my sis as she's usually caught a ride w/ a friend and left her car somewhere.
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    Exactly!!!!! I was thinking as I read my way thru this thread " why in the H**& would someone enter at all and why put your life in danger clearing the house". Absoutely the wrong thing to do. Listen to GM!
  11. +1 for Glockman. Recently while moving from one house to another, I returned to the house I was moving from for one last late night load. I pulled around to the french doors and backed my truck up to the deck. You could normally see the front door through the french doors, as I had left all the lights on but I don't really remember looking. Upon opening the door I noticed that the front door was open about a foot. I'm pretty sure I would have noticed the front door open as I drove down the driveway. My thoughts were that someone had exited in the time it took me to drive around the side of the house, and back up to the porch. I was carrying as I always do, but you know my first reaction was to call the police. I stood in the back yard until two patrol cars came. I explained to the officers what had happened and they cleared the house. I did notice that one of the officers observed my weapon and nudged the other officer and said something that was too low to hear. They suggested that the front door had not latched and my opening the back door created a suction enough to open the front door. Sure enough I was able to recreate that. Anyway it was a positive encounter. They were polite and professional and didn't make me feel any stupider than I already felt. By the way, I'm ex-LEO. Even on the job you wait for backup.
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    pshfft... you guys are killing my manly ego. :roll:

    Thing was it was in my room. not going to call the cops because there is someone in my room not 10' away from me. I can just picture hello 911 emergancy (BANG)...............................................

    Anywhere else sure but not in the room with me. (plus cops are not obligated to protect you and there are plenty of stories of them taking 2-4 hours to show up.)

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    About 2 years ago i got home about 4 AM and found the front door wide open! I knew my 2 sisters were home but I got NO answer from the dog or saw any of the cats. I called 911 as GM stated . They were there in less then 2 minutes[now I am at this point armed my strap is open my hand is by the weapon] I informed them that i had 2 adults that should be in the house and I called the house phone woke both of them up and told tham the PD was gonna check it out so don't scream if they see a cop. The house was checked out 2 out of 3 cats were inside 1 cat and the dog missing {apperently the door didnt close and latch properly] We found the dog roaming the neighborhood and the cat was 3 houses over[ he's a little retarded and was scared witless from being in an unfamiliar environment] The cops told my sisters that I did the proper thing even tho I was armed they did their jobs all ended happy and very relieved
  14. A number of years back (about 12) I went home to my apartment and saw very clearly that the front door was kicked in, even the frames was broken. I saw blood and heard my dog going nuts. Well at the time, my dog was my only family as I had recently gone through a divorce and nobody should be harming my dog.
    I went storming in as fast as I could and searched the apartment but no one was there. My dog (The little blond cocker in my one avatar ) was all bloody and bruised. I calmed her and checked her for any serious damage and there was none.
    I then called the PD and reported the crime.
    The officer said that my Lady was one very brave little dog, most of the blood was from whoever broke in and they got nothing.

    Even though it was a rental property I got permission from the owner and had a reinforced door and alarm system installed at my own expense.

    I also checked the known hangouts in the area for anyone missing or limping bandaged for the next few days and took the dog with me figuring she would react to whoever it was if she saw them but I had no such luck.

    The break in was bad enough but hurting my dog put me into a rage that would have earned someone a good beating at the time.

    At this stage of my life I realize that what I did was stupid but at that time I was angry over the divorce proceedings as well as being a much more violent person myself back in those days.

    Though even now if someone were attacking my dog and I heard the dog in pain I would intervene.
  15. I live in a rural area and sheriff response time can be up to an hour.

    In that time, whatever is going to happen will probably happen before they show up.

    We have to pretty well take care of ourselves and they show up to fill out a report.
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    police response is about 30mins plus after dark since patrols go back to the 'main-land' at that time.

    +1 on protecting the doggies (least in my mind)
  17. Every situation is different, and you have to decide what is smart and what is foolish on the spot.

    If I had my choice, I would hunker down with my shotty and wait for help, but if the issue is pressed, I will take action of some sort.

    With the response time of LEO's in this area, I would actually call my brother next door and tell him to get his butt over here and then call the Sheriffs office and request help.

    If there are actually bad guys in the trailer, with me inside and my brother outside, we have the bad guy where he is at the disadvantage and will want to get the heck out of there, which is just fine with me.
  18. Can't say I'd enter my house if I was outside and they were inside but like mentioned above, the local police response time is famous for not being swift. If matters were pressed I wouldn't retreat from my property and wait for the cops to show up.
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    Police response time for me is anwhere from 30inutes to 2 hours, depending how busy they are. Now, since I own a sidearm, I would enter the house, and attempt to clear it myself.
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    There is no object I own which would be worth putting my life at risk over.
    That does include our beloved little barker. I would do everything in my power to see that he was safe but to walk into a house where there is a reasonable chance a BG awaits is just foolish.

    Now if Mrs. Gramps or any other member of the human race may be kept from harm by my action I would have to do all I could. I have and would fight for my life and for the lives of anyone around my but not for things.

    From what little training I have had in such matters it takes at least 2 people to properly clear a hallway. Otherwise while you are looking into a room, the BG peeks from the end of the hall or some other such place and blows you away.

    I will say it again so no one missunderstands me. There is no thing I own, have ever owned, or ever will own that is worth getting killed over.

    It seems to me those here who would just go right in and stake claim to thier home and chase any and all BG`s out don`t take into consideration, you might lose. Even if you do everything right and are better than they are. You might lose. Is it worth it?