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  1. We went to Walley-World yesterday and I was looking at some coats that was reduced . I found one that I liked , but I needed to go to the fitting room to try it on because I had my CCW in a Fobis holster on my side. I got the strangest look from the person over the fitting room because it was a coat. :shock: Do any of you have the same problem when you clothes shop?
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    Maybe i missed something, did you take your coat off, then go into the fitting room, carrying the prospect coat? Or were you printing, and they noticed what it was? Or was the person giving you an ill look because you just didn't take your coat off in the aisles, and try the new coat on?
    I believe you talking about taking only a coat into the dressing room...

    Never had the problem, then again i mainly pocket my pistol... either in my front right, right cargo, or right pocket in my jacket... i hate my nylon holster, and that's why i just pocket it.

  3. I was wearing a jacket and the pistol was concilled under it . I had to go into the fitting room to remove my coat and try on the new coat so not to have a handgun out in plain site .
  4. Just pick up a pair of trousers whenever you want to try on something that wouldn't normally require a changing room but would flash your steel to folks.

    Misdirection is your friend :)
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    or just don't carry when you know you will be changing clothes. I worry about flashing a gun to the camera in the changing room. [rant] Yeah you are licensed but the Wally World Ninja watching the camera does not know it and he thinks that security guards and law enforcement are the only ones who should be able to own guns.... [/rant]

    Sorry I know too many people like that. If I know I am going to be trying on clothes I don't carry. I figure I can be safe for one trip and I don't clothes shop often. (then again it is always when you don't have something that you need it.)
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    1. I carry all the time. I use IWB though.
    2. Do you really think they could legally watch you as you change?
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    just say you have terrible body odor they will understand. :lol:
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    why do you think they have a sign in the changing room that says please leave your underwear on?

  9. We have a winnar at teh intarwebbs! :lol:

    Thread over, you may all go home now.


    ETA: pills ok
  10. I had my P32 inside my pocket and Thunder380 in the Fobus paddle . I try very hard not to go anywhere that I can't carry . It is that one time that I will need it .
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    Do you have a "duty to conceal" in South Carolina?
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    So you don't get your nasty junk on their clothes and then put them back on the rack maybe?

    btw NDS learn to use the quote feature better. ;)
  13. I don't know if we do or not. If I'm underestanding what you are asking.
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    I think pills just sumbed that one up.

    urban myths any one
  15. I don't think I'd care what sort of look I got. If I wanted to try on a HAT and wanted to use the changing room, I'd use it.

    maybe you want to see how you look in a full length mirror. Maybe you're just shy. Who cares? They get paid the same whether you use the changing room or not.

    Remember "the customer is always right".
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    I guess I'm just not understanding why you needed to use the dressing room. Not that it matters. If you want to use the dressing room to try on a coat, then go for it. I personally just try them on, and I'd do the same even if it meant uncovering my gun for a second... I open carry frequently though, some folks are more shy. I think public exposure to guns that don't randomly jump out and kill them is a good thing, and plan on open carrying more frequently once I get my CWP and can carry in my car in a reasonable manner.
  17. I haven't bought an article of clothing for myself since the day I met my wife. That was in 1977. So no issues!