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    politics should ALWAYS be discussed. Right along with religion.
    I'm really just being a jackass, I rarely discuss either as I am basically apolitical and only mildly religious....it cracks me up how those discussions get out of hand.
  2. Those are subjects that people feel a lot of passion about, and in a way thats good.

    It is nice if those subjects can be discussed as gentlemen, but its a lot to ask.

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    It is good to be passionate about beliefs. discussed as gentlemen? That would be rare after about 3-4 entries being posted. And another thing, why can't I type jackass? It changes!!! DANG!! This is surely an infringement on my right to free speech! I'm reporting this forum to the NCLU immediately!

    Everybody have great weekend. Kiss your mothers if you can. If you cannot, make some lead fly somewhere...
  4. You got it! There are people here that can't just talk about a subject. The people on this forum talk about how friendly and helpful they are, but when it comes to politics they lose it. Just check some of the remarks on a thread about a book written by a political figure:

    That's not the way reasonable people act. When someone can't post a link to a book they found interesting without having the author castigated for failing to cease to exist it will be inevitable that threads are locked and deleted. The forums that allow rude, abusive, demeaning remarks get too tedious to read; the forums that require decorum just take the easy way and forbid them.

    Looks like you'll have to go elsewhere to talk politics.
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    I do like that you guys closely monitor threads to keep them friendly, but sometimes (IMO) they are shut down before things even have a chance to get bad. Like, in the "Hillary is done" thread, nobody was really directly throwing words at eachother, and the thread was still relatively on topic (as we were still talking about the other candidates, and not something like the Lewinksy scandal or something).

    I am not telling you how to do your job (I guess it sounds like it, but I am only giving my opinion), I just think that sometimes allowing threads to evolve like that (which is what happens to everything - evolve or die) can be quite healthy, especially when people disagree about something.

    Though, Ive seen threads on other forums go from post 25 to post 100 of nothing but irrelevant flames and only end up closed because of said forum's 100 post limt.

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    RON PAUL, RON PAUL, RON PAUL, I am so tired of hearing all about this wonderus messiah who is so whacked out. If he's so great why isn't he still on the ballots for cryin out loud. He's [in my opion] just another nut case who says one thing and will do whatever he feels he wants to do [just like every other criminel we got running this country down the drain]

    His 15 minutes died a few months ago but a few are still got their heads in the toilet bowl and screaming for him and can't [or won't] listen to what others are telling them

    If I upset anyone I am sorry but I really am sick of this

    If your gonna quote me [please do the WHOLE thing and not act like the media!] and make it sound like it came out the wrong way :D My final comment

  7. I'll edit when I'm making a point. The intention was not to castigate you in person or to rebut/agree with anything you said. It was to highlight phrases that were off the point of the original post which was: "check out this book" and show phrases that are not meant to engender discussion or improve understanding. Those phrases appear as little more than a rant posted only to intimidate.

    I also saw no particular need to 'call you out' and had no intention of doing so--therefore I left out your identity as it was not germaine to MY post.

    I remain unconvinced that such remarks have any place in adult discourse. :p
  8. Two things I want to say, maybe three.

    First off it troubles me that we cannot discuss openly the very last defense we have is saving or losing our right to own and use firearms, on a firearms forum!

    Secondly I'd love to be a mouse in the corner of anyone here, or elsewhere, when they are discussing politics or religion. I would bet both my big toes there isn't a one of you (here or elsewhere) that discuss "the subject" any different than goes on here. One thing that aggravates the heck outta me is a hypocrite!

    Lastly I respect the boards administrators right to run the board as they see fit. It does at times bother me that these discussions are shut down. Admittedly I will leave the board for long periods because of this. I don't lose sleep over it, as no one here does, but it is my choice to do so none the less.

    That's my two cents. I realize no one gives a royal rats bass and nothing will change. But I feel better for getting it out there.
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    Over at XD-Talk they have a political discussion forum that you have to actually join by changing a setting in your profile. Everybody knows that politics will be discussed, and no innocent bystanders are harmed, because if you haven't joined, you don't see the forum.

    The forum rules of no abusive or hate speech still apply like everywhere else, and I'm sure some threads still get shut down if they get too hairy. Trolls are still banned if they don't follow the rules.

    I don't understand why we can't do something similar here.
  10. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. Some may stink, some are dirty, some are plain old disgusting, but everyone is entitled to their own. It is one of our inalienable rights.
    However, the moderators of this site do have a right to decide what will remain and what won't. Just like any premises has the right to ask you to leave when they discover that you are carrying. Just like any premises can ask you to leave when you become disorderly or unruly. This site may be virtual, as in not really existing, but it is still someones intellectual property.
    If you feel that your first amendment rights are being alienated, then find another forum, just like you would have to find a new store, restaurant, or bar. These Mods have every right to determine when they should stop something before it goes too far and people end up getting hurt.
    It is my policy to never discuss politics, religion, or sports with anyone. Sports because i don't know crap about them. Politics and religion because no one is going to win, it is futile. Someone is going to get mad and someone is going to get hurt, feelings wise. All you are ever going to do is agree to disagree. Why not save some time and maybe a friendship and just never start the argument in the first place.

    Sorry for the long post, just my arsehole...I mean opinion.
  11. Thats the part that gets me broomhead, is that someone that you consider a friend or just like in general, says something that you consider so alien to your thoughts that it changes the way you look at them.

    That is just a darn shame, its never good to loose a friend, even if its "just" an internet friend.

    Im guilt just like many others of going into directions I probably should not have, but I try to keep it friendly and enjoy what we are all here for in the first place, being Hi Point firearm owners.
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    So you're saying that ACTUALLY getting to know someone--their thought process, and points of view--is a bad thing because you might not want to be their friend anymore if it turns out you don't get along? You're saying that superficial relationships are better than actually making real friends?
  13. If their thoughts are so different from mine that all it means is that I cannot respect them or enjoy talking to them, then yes, superficial may be the best route to do.

    Im not going to fall in love and get married in this forum, I just want to shoot the shat with others that enjoy firearms ;)

    If they are a card carrying communist, or wear a tin foil hat, its fine with me as long as they keep it to themselves. And I will try to keep my baggage to myself and not burden others with it.

    If you need more, that is your call, but the arguing and fighting that almost always follows any religious or political discussion especially is not for me. Dont need it.
  14. We're trying to avoid the flame wars which have ruined other forums, and I'm surprised this hasn't been locked/deleted already. 'Nuff said.
  15. I apologize.
    I wasn't trying to burn anyone or any friendships. I was merely laying out my point-of-view. I can be a very close friend to someone without knowing their beliefs/views on politics and religion.
  16. I dont know why it would be locked, we are trying to establish among ourselves without the mods having to step in, ways to help some of us self police ourselves and keep things from getting out of control, and to keep people friends, like it should be.

    Sadly it seems that we cannot even agree on these points, but that is a topic for another day ;)

    You would think the mods would be happy about a thread like this where we are discussing the actions and thought processes that lead to GETTING threads locked in the first place.
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    WOW, it seems my little post has turned into a large discussion. Let me put in my two cents. I, personally, am a supporter of Ron Paul. Not only because of his stand on a lot of things but because he is just an all around good guy in my opinion. That being said, it is my opinion that this book was a good read. It touched me in a way (insert joke here) that I felt comfortable in sharing. Does it bother me that people in general agree or disagree? No, we all have opinions. That is one of the many thing that make this country great, everyone is given the right of free speech. I take no offense to any comment made when it comes to books, movies, music, or anything of those natures. So, to be fair I have two more books that I think are great reads. Am I going to consider what they say gospel? No, nor do I consider what Ron Paul says as gospel. I just enjoy seeing different point of views no matter how close or far off they are from my own views. :D

    The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream-By Barak Obama

    Mein Kampf-by Adolf Hitler

    **I am not attempting to put these men into one group, nor am I making a political statement. I just want to show the giant spectrum as to which one can partake in literature**
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    Let me say that I again really appreciate the attention the moderators put into keeping the peace. It is rare these days around most forums. However, I want to point out something.

    One of my favorite "pasttimes" is to be enlightened, as in learning new facts or other interesting, potentially perspective-changing information (such as the way people think, or the "writing on the walls"). Often, people are most capable of enlightening others when they are passionate about some subject. Of course, the downside is that passion can often yield to emotion, and emotion often leads to problems. I definately understand that you guys are trying to even keep emotions from breaking out, I just think it would be very healthy for the forum and its members to sometimes break past that barrier into powerful discussion. Of course, you guys would still be able to stop it when you feel it necessary, and I would suggest beginning with warnings when Ad Homium sets it (discussing / debating eachother's merits - basically insulting eachother - rather than the actual argument they are presenting), and of course close it if it continues.

    I also appreciate that the mods are listing to its member. I say that because this thread isn't closed yet and I am sure they are monitoring it closely.
  19. If you want politics and passion, why come to a Hi Point gun forum?

    Go to www.arguepolitics.com (made up url) or something like that where it is the topic of the forum, instead of bringing it up in a forum that is not intended for discussion of it?

    Heck, go to the political topics room at forums.saiga-12.com , there, as long as you dont threaten to kill each other, they will let you debate/ argue to your hearts content, and if you think it needs to be taken to the threaten to kill each other level, they even have a fight room where pretty well its gloves off.

    Why do it here when there are other place much more suited for it?

    Im not going to go to church and argue Nascar with the preacher, do you see where I am going?