Co-witnessing peeps with optics

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  1. Hey guys,

    I should have my new 995 Saturday and will be ATI-ing it most quickly. I was wondering if anyone's figured out a way to co-witness the iron sights with a red dot/reflex sight. I like looking through my irons and seeing my electronic aiming point. That way if the 'lectric goes out, it's still the same sight picture. I thought maybe a pic rail (don't know how to mount a pic rail to the receiver shroud. Help anyone?) and some low-profile irons of the AR variety?

    Whaddya think?

  2. I dont have one of these yet myself. Its a scope mount that mounts to the side of the reciever using the existing bolts. I got this link from the old site. I remember someone that posted there had one on their 995 but I can't remember who it was.

    Picture of said mount

    It's $24.29 and comes with rings. I have been thinking about getting one and mounting a reddot.

  3. Chef Dennis

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    Ok the problem with that side mount is that your optic sight and your irons (or peep sights) will NOT be on the same plain.

    You can co-witness with a 995 and you are right you will need a pic rail. This is the post that onepoint and i have put together for mounting a top rail the length of the ATI. It is relatively easy if you are at all mechanically inclined and the directions that onepoint put up are pretty right on.

    you can see both onepoints and my 995s on this thread:

    You can't use the factory sights from hi point again because all of the peces need to be on the same plain to work as a co-witness.

    Go for it it is fun to play with these. when I am done with this post, i am on my way out the door to pick up a ACE SOCOM M4 buttstock to figure out how to mount on my ATI'd 995.

    Tactical Socom stick, top pic rail, BUIS, and a EOTech 512 on a 995!! This thing has more money in "add-ons" then the price of 3-4 hi point 995's, but I love it! Oh, i am also addig the front grip bracket from the Storm that Patriot posted about!! :p

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    While it is a side mount [sorta] the scope is mounted OVER the top of the carbine and from what has been said works well.
  5. Chef Dennis

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    While as Shooter said it does mount OVER the top. it just doesn't look long enough to mount both a Optic sight and a Iron sight behind the optic so that they can bith be used to co witness.

    I may be wrong, but that is just my observation.
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    I've seen the mount that ShooterZ is talking about. It works very similarly to the see-through mount on my AR. While the scope and the iron sights are NOT on the same plane, that mount should work fine on the factory stock. Been thinking of adding one to my 995 to see if it works. :roll:
  7. Ridge

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    Thats a pretty cool mount...but I wonder if it would start to flex or bend in storage or while shooting...
  8. What would be absolutely perfect, IMO, is if ATI offered the upper part of the stock (the piece that screws down over the receiver cover and barrel) with molded pic-rails. Has anyone tried just attaching a pic rail to that upper or is the slope an issue?

    Chef Dennis: I love that rifle! I just can't decide whether I dislike the gap between the pic-rail and upper or love it because it reminds me of an HK SL-8. Can't wait to see the SOCOM stock!!!!!

  9. Chef Dennis

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    Thanks for the comment. As for the gap, I am thinking about taking a new rail and new reciever cover and front cover from Hi-point to an machine shop and have the rail milled in the reciever area so that they all would fit together without the gap.

    The one thing about these litle toys is just how much you can do to them. BUT, you can also wrap up enough cash in mods and fun stuff in just 1 of them that you could also buy 2 or 3 stock 995's! But what fun would that be!?! :p

    As for the Socom, I am doin it, just haven't found the right stock yet. Went looking the other day as i said, but left with just the "extention tube for the ar to install. I have decided not to go with the folding stock because from all that i have looked at, I can;t get the stock to lay flat against the side of the 995 when folded. Now it is just to decide if i want a fixed length or adjustable and what style buttstock.

    Now if I could get BENNY to offer up a "free" ATI so i can chop it to pieces, Id move a bit faster. You ever really think about taking a saw to a "toy" that you really like!?!? It is not for the faint of heart and i sweat each time I think about it!!
  10. The only reason I've hung onto my chopped 20GA is so I remember to think long and hard before getting a saw out.