Cobra Big Bore Derringer

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    Picked up a NIB Cobra derringer in 38 special.Nice satin nickel finish and attractive black plastic grips. I fired 20 rounds and the little cannon performed very well,hitting center mass evertime @ 7 yds on a silhouette. You can get pretty fast with this little devil: 1) half cock hammer 2) put cross bolt safety on. 3)load 2 rounds 4) put in strong side pants pocket 5)reach into pocket,draw gun,release safety button and then weak side hand fan/cock hammer, 6) point gun @ belly 7)pull trigger and fire. 8) repeat if needed(probably not). This will make a nice BUG loaded with hollow points or vehicle console or glove box gun. I'm also looking into interchanging barrels with a 9mm so I can shoot CCI shot shell ammo for snakes,of all kinds. See Sorry but I still don't have a camera!
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    Those are pretty handy. Some folks will say 2 rounds doesn't cut it as a defense pistol, but I'd sure hate to be shot once... much less TWICE! Good job on getting your new unique "pocket protector" and post those pics whenever you're able. We are visual people here... :lol:

  3. I have one in 9mm. They are little pocket cannons. They are alot more accurate then I figured they would be. Mine doesn't see much pocket time any more though since I bought my Kel-Tec.
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    Found out from Cobra ENT. of Utah that the Big Bore .38 special model will only accept barrel exchanges with 32 H&R mag or .380 barrels.So, I'll probably get a 380 barrel- $37 + $7 shipping.

    PS: My bony little right hand IS a tad sore from yesterday!!