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    I put together a CA 380 from a bunch of part guns, it works ok. Had 8 or 9 hiccups (probably the magazine or maybe the recoil spring, not sure yet). With that said, the trigger is pretty rough (and that is being generous--LOL). Might be a losing cause, is there anything that can be done to smooth out the trigger? I seem to recall watching a video of a guy smoothing out parts of the trigger assembly in a SNS (don't remember what kind though).

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Like a Hi-Point, the trigger will smooth out somewhat the more you fire it. However, you can do some polishing of the rough edges of the stamped parts of the trigger arm and the cam. Finally you can also take some steel wool and polish the sear, and finally take a Q-Tip with some polishing compound, chuck it into a drill, and polish the sear cup on the frame.
    Clean everything up real well before reassembly and lubing.

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    Thank you for the information.

    I will probably have to dry fire it ton. 380 ammo is crazy expensive right now. I have seen it north of 60 cents a round!

    Pardon my newness to this aspect of firearms, but for the polishing what do you recommend?

    I was very happy with the results on target but reliability was another story.
  4. I used my Dremel on low speed with jeweler's rouge and a buffing wheel.

    Keep in mind you can do a LOT of irreversible damage to a Zamak pistol with a Dremel. You're just looking to take off any rough edges on the steel components and not the pistol frame.

    You can go to your local hardware store or Amazon for what you need. Here's the Amazon offering: