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Cobra CA 380 and family

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I put together a CA 380 from a bunch of part guns, it works ok. Had 8 or 9 hiccups (probably the magazine or maybe the recoil spring, not sure yet). With that said, the trigger is pretty rough (and that is being generous--LOL). Might be a losing cause, is there anything that can be done to smooth out the trigger? I seem to recall watching a video of a guy smoothing out parts of the trigger assembly in a SNS (don't remember what kind though).

Thank you in advance.
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Thank you for the information.

I will probably have to dry fire it ton. 380 ammo is crazy expensive right now. I have seen it north of 60 cents a round!

Pardon my newness to this aspect of firearms, but for the polishing what do you recommend?

I was very happy with the results on target but reliability was another story.
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