Cobra CA380 range report

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    All right, thus far I had put 78 rounds (1 1/2 boxes of 50 + a few from another source) through this pistol. I didn't shoot at a paper target for those because I wanted to get a feel for the pistol. Up 'til this point I had three minor failures. Two were stovepipes and one was due to me watching the chamber and had brought the slide back just far enough to catch the round but not enough to catch the firing pin so it did not chamber. OK now that we have the history...
    Racked the slide back to have the firing pin back when chambering the first round and the round got stuck going up the chamber. Just as I brought the pistol close to see the problem the round chambered and didn't have that problem again. I am seven yards away from my target and am hitting a nice 4" group for 20 rounds then the last five rounds gave me hell because the trigger became almost impossible to squeeze. The last five rounds opened the group to 11"
    The thing that made the trigger hard is I shot the grips loose and the transfer bar(?) on the trigger would rather push out than engage the sear. I don't have an Allen wrench that fits exactly but have one that was close and was able to tighten it mostly. The trigger problem is gone.
  2. Sorry to hear that you had issues shooting bro. I am glad that you got them worked out though. A 4" group is really good, keep it up.