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  2. Some are interesting for sure. Maybe it is the pictures but some look chinsy too, hard to tell for sure from the basic photo's. Wonder what kind of money they have on them.

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    I've got a 38spl derringer from cobra thats fun to shoot.the cobra 45(patriot?) has gotten good reviews.I think if you google em you should get helpful info.
  4. They are not great, but not bad---

    I prefer their classic Davis and Lorcin models---

    Nothing says loving like a cheap-- athough Cobra's are overpriced-- .32 or .380

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    i had one also. unfortunately mine wasnt so fun to shoot. very small handle (hard to hold on to) and it wanted to flip out of my hands. which isnt what made me get rid of it.

    the bottom barrel had very light primer strikes and i didnt even hardly have 20 rounds through it and it would only fire SOMETIMES. a 2 shot pistol and it only firing sometimes just didnt seem fun to me :(.
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    I actually know a guy who works for them... Not that it matters or gives my opinion any more validity.

    I'm not going to bash them, because like so many bashers, I have no experience with them beyond knowing a guy who works there. Haven't heard good things, but the same goes for Hi-Point, and they work great.

    However, I do think there are much better guns out there for the money. I would pass on them.
  7. They run about $140 for the CA models (Davis clones). My CA32 has been a little trooper rattling around in my Freightliner for several years. Wore the finish off, but not the function.
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    My derringer also kicks like a mini mule but thankfully no mech.problems.Ive got about a 100 rds.thru it.I bought it for1)deep concealment(fits in the watch pocket of jeans)2)for 3or more on 1 h2h confrontations.If I get jumped at work by 3 or more dudes that little fireball spewing 38spl derringer will settle things down a mite.
  9. I have no personal expierence with the Cobra Patriot pistols but have read a fair amount of positive and some negative comments about them in the last year or so. I got a chance to handle the Patriot .45 in a shop a couple weeks back and it looked and felt very KelTecish to me.

    I do have some hands on shooting with the Cobra Arms CA380. It's identical, part for part, to my Davis P380. I need a new firing pin, firing pin spring for my Davis and will be ordering the parts from Cobra once I get other things taken care of. Anyway, the Cobra CA380 handled and shot identical to my Davis, meaning it has a hefty striker fired single action trigger pull and POA vs POI is about 10" left at 12 yards. No feed/function problems with FMJ or JHP's so it seemed like a half decent pistol but the going price locally is like $180 NIB so I would definatly pass on them now. I paid $79 for my Davis in 98 and have seen Cobra CA380's in other places retailing for around $120 within the last year.


  10. That's nuts!