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Cobra FS-380, Raven MP-25
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I went back to the range recently with the Cobra FS-380 and had some different ammo (Freedom Munitions reman) and 2 mags of Sellier and Bellot. This time around after over 100 rounds I only recall two failures to eject, and I believe the issue on that front was with the Sellier and Bellot ammo. The Sellier and Bellot ammo was also very dirty and fouled up the gun worse then the reman ammo and also had issues with incomplete powder burn. The Freedom Munitions had some issue with failing to feed, but the rounds do have a flat nose unlike my other ammo that was round nose.

I think the biggest improvement in performance and fewer failures was due to two factors.
1. Better ammo
2. Having highly polished the feed ramp.

Having polished the feed ramp really helped reduce the number of failures to feed from double digit figures per 100 rounds, to single digit figures per 100 rounds. Still not the universe's most reliable weapon, but it has improved and I hope to continue that trend as I break in the gun more. In total the gun has now roughly 250 rounds down range and with more time with it my accuracy is also greatly improving.
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