cold weather

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  1. I just bought a JCP a couple of weeks ago and I’ve falling in love with it. My only concern about it is in cold weather. I have a feeling that this gun will spend a few nights out in the cold in my glove box and I am concerned about the aluminum in the slide. I know its not pure aluminum but it’s a high strength alloy. I’ve forgotten the name but still I’ve seen tools that were made of aluminum crack when they are dropped when it’s cold. I’m afraid that the slide might crack if it gets cold. Am I just over thinking about this or is this a true concern?
  2. wow, how cold does it get over your place? i can't never imaging that ammo crack, but again i'm from s california.

  3. The slide isn't aluminum.


    You are fine with it as a "truck gun"
  4. Ive seen aluminum tools crack about 20 outside but its normally from a drop on to a sidewalk or something.

    Thanks for the replies I figured I was too concerned about the slight risk. Heck if it did Hi Point would fix it for me.