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    I found one while browsing the camping section last night at Wal-mart. It uses coleman liquid fuel and unleaded gas. The liquid fuel is supposed to be wayyy more efficient than propane, but I'm wondering if I could use alcohol in it. I have tried on numerous occasions to make a soda can stove, only to end up spliting the top can when pressing them together. The Coleman stove is near $40, kind of expensive to experiment with. What are your thoughts?

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    I use those things, but I'm not sure whether alcohol will work. The fuel is under pressure and you essentially end up burning vapor with white gas or unleaded. I'm not sure alcohol would have the same properties. Not sure but I don't think isopropyl alcohol vapor will burn. Other alcohol types might work (again, not certain), but are pricey. Plus you'll look like a bathtub drug maker to whoever you buy it from.
  4. I got my "Coke can" stoves on ebay. For 16 dollars shipped for 2 different types it is awesome to me....

    And they are great little stoves. I use HEET fuel in mine and it burns hotter and cleaner then the 91% alcohol
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    I used a two burner Duel fuel stove. In Dec. durning the last ice storm I teamed it up with a duel fuel lantern so they could both burn the same fuels.

    both worked great and were very helpful. however, unleaded puts off some strong fumes if used indoors(not sure but i wouldn't be surprised if it was toxic). I was able to use it in a large garage and the fumes were not too bad, I haven't had a chance to use the Coleman fuel by the time the walmart was back open they had sold out.

    They make duel fuel lanterns and stoves but Coleman doesn't make a duel fuel Heater if your interested in having all three(lamp, stove,heater) use the same fuel you will have to go with kerosene.
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    anything that burns fuel will put off CO and asphyxiate without proper ventilation. be careful
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    The duel fuel stoves are convinient but they are not rated for use with alcahol. Coleman fuel, unleaded and kerosene only, probably desiel in a pinch.

    I have owned several D/F lanterns and stoves and they are not as durable as the standard white gas units. Unleaded burns way hotter than coleman fuel, which is extremely low octane. They were the only cooking and light sorce in my cabin for a couple of years. They burn out quickly.

    You can burn alcahol in a preferated tuna can, the preasurized soda can stoves are mostly show and sizzle. Tha Swedish army has used unpreasurized Tiga stoves for years with great success. You can get them at Cheaper Than Dirt or Sportsman's Guide for chickenfeed.
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    Don't use alcohol in the Coleman. As RU Krazy saidd, they are not rated for it. Besides, white gas is almost as cheap and burns much hotter. Back in my scouting days I cooked many a meal over that stove. Works great. My only suggestion is to stay away from auto gas except in a pinch as it burn much sootier. However, for $40 I think you done well. You will like the stove and it's as durable as all get out.

    If you want to burn alcohol, spend the few bucks and get a pop can stove off e-bay. If you want to spend money on an all in one stove I recommend the Nova. It's my current large group stove and I have burned white gas, kero, auto gas, diesel, alcohol, and even aviation gas in it all with no problems. The downside is its about $100.

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    MSR Dragonfly, accept no substitutes. it runs on Coleman fuel, kerosene, car gas, or diesel. I think it burns JP4 and JP8 too, but I've never witnessed that.
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    I was experimenting with ideas that would utilize the "Altoid" tin, I JB-Welded three of the 9MM cases (they were the best fit in the tin) one inside the center rear of the bottom, nearest the hinge, and one inside each of the corners on the side away from the hinge. Then, I cut a piece of steel screen to fit snugly around the cases, the object was to contain some "Perlite" (available from most plant stores) which is filling around the 9MM cases. It will hold a lot of either 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, or, in my case, Denatured Alcohol, available from any paint or hardware store. I got a piece of 1/4" aluminum "key" stock, and cut three pieces so that there was about 1/2" above the top of the tin. My guess is that you could reduce the weight a little by using recycled aluminum arrows, but not sure if strength would be equivalent, I stuck the key-stock inside the cases to use as legs, put about 1 1/2-2 ounces of alcohol into the Perlite and ignited it. It burns long enough to get a standard canteen cup 1/2 to 3/4 full of water hot enough to use for tea, or instant soup, but doesn't burn the Perlite, as it just performs as a wicking, to get the alcohol contained, rather than just burning it in the bottom of the tin.
    The top picture shows the components;
    I cut another lid to fit generally over the "fire pit," but you could also use a scrap of aluminum flashing, I use that as basically a temperature regulator, it can be pivoted on the left-hand "leg" and rotated to turn the flame up or down to either conserve the fuel or just simmer soup
    The bottom is the the stove assembled
    I used three legs, trial and error will determine your length for the legs, as different fuels will burn hotter or cooler, and also the size of the pot used, that way it will hold even if you cut the legs slightly off equal length, and it will stay steady with a Sierra cup
    for a strength test I sat a 12" cast iron skillet on top, so it is pretty much capable of handling about any small cook-pot that you might have in your individual bug-out pack.
    When it cools, in almost no time, the legs (key stock) can be pulled out of the shell cases, put on top of the screen, and the cover closed.
    I can stick it, and several hours worth of alcohol, in the outer pocket of a fanny pack, and still have room for a 1911, and extra mags, on the inside.
    As another option, Jack Daniels, or Vodka, can also be used as fuel.
    I also have a couple of those swedish stoves, and I like them, as well, but like weapons, you can't have too many stoves, and one of those altoid tins will fit easily, even in my glove compartment on my 'wing. I have to make a couple for my truck and wife's car, as well.

  11. doktor,

    Post some pic's of your little Altoids tin stove if possible. I like the small ultra light gizmos and gadgets used in hiking and this is right down my alley.
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    pictures posted, rimfire

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    Yes you can get it to work on Alcohol however it does not run near as smooth. Its a little harder to start up and it will spit and sputter, I used Racing fuel in mine that had been sitting for awhile. So water condensate in the jug which I'm sure was the reason for the sputtering. Over all Alcohol will not be my first choice of fuels for this stove. But its nice to know I can use it in a pinch. I also notice that with Alcohol the Burner started to glow red. I'm sure this helped to keep it lit however might cause some long term damage. So if you do end up using alcohol keep a close eye on it. As for the seals I cannot say. I'm sure Coleman will avoid the subject as they did not intend for the stove to be used with Alcohol. Anyway hope this helps.