collapsable carbine

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  1. Here's a teeny carbine not in production, yet. It doubles as a flash light, and takes GLOCK mags...

  2. There was another post about this on here somewhere. VERY awesome idea :) I know there's a lot of us out here that would gladly sign up for something like that :)

  3. I like it a lot, too bad there not going to produce and more.
  4. I've read other articles that state that the guy on the video was in error when he said they had no plans to produce, based off of other interviews done with other poeple at Magpul.

    It'll be interesting to see what ends up happening. :)
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    Sorry but this has been posted three times here on the forum... :smile:

    It was a Russian design that they stole

  6. I would say they "improved" the design personally :)
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    WOW! Sign me up!
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    yeah that's still cool. and i think the design is much improved.
  9. Sweet design but with less than 16" barrel and shoulder stock it would require a SBR stamp in semi auto layout or Class III in full auto layout. I would gladly pay for the SBR stamp if it were reliable and durable.
  10. from what i have heard and seen it was a modernization/copy of a Stoner design. Dunno if that russian one came earlier or is stoner we're talking about.
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    So, the Stoner design was first, closely followed by Boatman's, then copied later by the Soviets.
  12. It would def be worth the $200 stamp to get my hands on one of those.