Tea store worker Lucas Hinch of Colorado Springs, found that his desktop computer just really didn't cut it for him anymore, and in a controlled fit of rage over its blue screen of death, riddled it with eight rounds from his Hi Point C9.

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Note: Do not try this at home, Hi Point Firearms Forum does not advocate the judicious use of gun play to dispatch electronic devices (except for in cases of robot/cyborg uprising). Always be responsible with your firearms.

Hinch, complete with hipster glasses and often seen online accompanied by an acoustic guitar, made national news for all the wrong reasons last week following his coup de main on his once-beloved Dell XPS 410. As reported by crime tabloid The Smoking Gun, "When asked about the shooting, Hinch told TSG, 'I just had it,' adding that he tired of the balky computer's 'blue screen of death.' Hinch said that he whacked the computer with a 9mm Hi-Point pistol recently purchased from a Craigslist seller."

Hinch told local media that it was the first time that he shot his Hi Point, and seeing that the computer was perforated by eight bullet holes and the standard magazine capacity of the C9 is 8-rounds, it would appear that the gun did its part and worked like a clock.

Gratefully, no one was injured as Hinch shot the device in the alley behind his residence. While most mainstream media seem to not be spinning the story to the benefit of the gun grabbers, Hinch is not out of the woods just yet. Colorado Springs Police have impounded his gun (for now) and cited him with discharging a firearm in the city-- a misdemeanor crime for which Hinch will appear in May.

Colorado Springs Police posted the image of the computer to their Facebook page, noting it as "Man Kills His Computer," in the crime blotter and labeling the image as "photo of the computer that was killed."

So even the cops seem to be laughing and the story has not done too much damage to the Second Amendment community.

"You have to keep that balance whenever you're working with social media," CSP public information officer Lt. Catherine Buckley said. "Sometimes when you have things that happen such as this, we like to think we can have a sense of humor, too."

It has been reported that the late Dell is survived by a monitor and a keyboard.