Colt AR 15 22LR converter

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  1. ex3313

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    Does anyone have any experiance with this brand of converter?
    I bought one when I got my Bushmaster and fially got around to trying it out had several no bangs wen I pulled the trigger and a couple of multi round bursts.
    After the second burst I removed the converion kit and put it my range box so I didn't get any grief from the range.
    I was using PMC lighting ammo and a clean rifle.
  2. elguapo

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    What brand was it? Cenier?(sp)

  3. ex3313

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    No a colt brand that was sitting on a shelf next to the counter I amit it was an impluse buy buy i figgered it would be cheaper to pratice that way.
  4. elguapo

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    Well, my suggestion is to contact the manufacturer, and see if they have either a recall, or know what the problem might be offhand. Second, if you can, take it apart and ensure the conversion kit is clean/functioning. Lastly, too bad you didnt change ammo types during all of this. Keep us informed.
  5. jason865

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    I have never heard of colt making a kit themselves, only cenier and dpms.
  6. Colt kits were made in the 80's and were the best out there.

    I got an unopened Colt conversion kit at a flea market for $10 with an extra mag....that was before I had my Colt HBAR...I researched the Colt conversion kits and found out they are rare now...especially unopened ones.

    I wound up selling that unopened kit with the extra mag for $225 bucks on Ebay before the parts ban!
    Not bad for a $10 intial cost!

    But damned if 2 wks later I don't find my Colt HBAR at an estate sale for $500....wished I had kept that conversion kit....oh well...
  7. ex3313

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    It's been too cold and windy the last two weekends to hit the range but my next step is to find as many diffeent types of 22 and try each one
    as to pulling it apart I found nothing loose or out of place so I sprayed it with choke cleaner and added a coat of spray on moly for the next go round. I'll let you know what happens next unless the BATFE come for me.