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    A fellow on a local gun trader page has posted a Colt Colteer 22-4 semi auto for $165.

    I'm starting to get into trapping and could use a good little .22 rifle for dispatching. However, I can't find much info on this model, aside from its a Colt and they haven't made them since 1976.

    I was hoping someone here would have some info, I know Ajole is a big .22 collector.

    Here's some pics just to please the oodlers, it's not in the best of shape, but then it will be dragged around checking traps.

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  2. ArmyScout

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    Cool little rifle..
    Henry makes a very nice 22 lever action. 36" overall, 18.5" barrel, holds 15 rds of 22lr and shoots all 22 ammo except mag.
    They also make a smaller youth 22 rifle. 33" overall, 13" barrel, holds 12 rds 22lr. Would be great for trapping

  3. You could also try to find an old glenfield iMalin tube fed .22 I've had mine for 35+ years and run thousands of rounds plus plinking. Of coarse 22 was $9.00 for 500 , back then
  4. greg_r

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    I think if I were to buy another trapping rifle it would be the Little Badger by Chiappa. It's a wire stocked single shot that folds nearly in half. It comes with a bag you can sling over your shoulder.

    My preference for a trapping gun is actually a 22 revolver. If I were to buy a semi automatic, rifle or handgun, it would be magazine fed. Easier to unload and don't forget you will be burdened down from time to time.

    Another point for the Chiappa is , IIRC, they are distributed by MKS. Be kinda like buying a Hi Point! If you do not like the wire stock, they do come with a wooden stock and forend also.

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  5. MaryB

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    Friend used a Winchester 94 Trapper in .357 on his trap line.
  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    They aren't really good rifles, soft aluminum alloy, stamped parts, they wear quickly.

    But Colt didn't make many .22 rifles, as a collector, that could be a GREAT investment gun, though the condition isn't very good.

    For that $160, you could buy a new Model 60, a Savage 64 or Mark II, or a Heritage Rough Rider on sale. $120 would buy a new Mossberg Plinkster. In my AO, I would find a used .22 rifle for $100-$130, and buy a brick of ammo...they are here, but expensive.
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  7. Bull

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    I love mine.... Inherited from my dad
  8. papataylor

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    I was afraid of that, Colt seems to drop the ball on or outsource their .22 guns, with the exception of the woodsman, revolvers, and 1911 conversions.

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  9. beaglenc

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    x2 on handgun for trapping.
    I trapped for years when I was young from 10 - 20yrs old. Had enough to carry in my hands, over my shoulders and tried the rifle thing it lasted only long enough for my dad to trust me with a .22.revolver.
    Get a beat up old H&R and you won't care when it falls in the mud/creek/gunk.
    It just needs to work and at no further than 6 feet.
    Heck, I had a buddy who used his dad's old colt .22 derringer and never had an issue.
  10. Referring to original question. I believe Colt uses single extractor. Would not be great for dirt, gunk, cold weather. For your use a single with a good extraction history would be very sufficient.