Coming back from catastrophe. A carbine story.

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  1. Hey guys, it's been a long time and an even longer road. so I guess a lil back round is in order....

    I started coming around here years ago looking for information on these fine guns. I ended up buying a 4095TS carbine and 40JHP pistol, I loved them. But money got tight and I sold them for $850 (he wasn't bright).

    3 years went by and other guns and projects came. I built an AR, got a new duty gun, customized a mag fed shotgun, got a nice C&C pistol, even found a gun my wife actuality liked and bought her one (that was hard to find).

    Yet I always wanted another pistol caliber carbine. Well last year I tried with the Just Right Carbine but upon arrival the gun was bound up internally. So they sent a second, that one too was crap. Quite upsetting for a $700 carbine, so I asked for a refund and decided to buy a Hi Point 4595TS carbine and Ruger American 30-06 with the money and thats when things start to go sideways.

    We had already had a run of crappy luck last year. I got fired in January (luckily I had 2 jobs), then a week later my wife got sick out of no where and had to have her gull bladder removed. A few other problems arose but ya know that life right, its a b***h. So by the time I started having problems buying a new gun in March we were used to it.

    Friday, April 3rd. rolls around and I finally have my refund from the botched attempt at buying a Just Right Carbine. I then find out that all the money in my account is frozen, someone hacked my bank and tried to spend all my money a few states away. I talk to the fraud department and they say it looks good on their end, I'll be back in business with all my money by Monday.

    Easter Sunday, April 5th. I work overnight as a Security officer, had a 12hr shift the night before, and only get a few hours off before I go back for a double, but holiday pay right. I see my Wife and Daughters, have Easter morning with them, get 4 hours of sleep and I'm off to work again.

    I don't make it, I wont see my home again for 114 days.

    At 3:05pm coming off an interstate exit ramp the front tire of my motorcycle is taken out by a piece off wood on the road, the bike starts to go down and it hits a curb. I'm thrown from the bike and exit ramp on to a city street at around 50MPH. With in seconds of hitting the pavement A 2014 Ford F150 runs me completely over.

    Ya know how they say accidents happen in slow motion, its true. By the time that happened for me I was under the truck, watching my brand new Springfield XDS sliding across the road in front of me. Before I could even thing the rear axle hits me and it's over. I'm laying face down on the hott asphalt and I know its bad...but my training keeps me alive. Stay calm, stay awake, keep talking, control your heart rate.

    The fire station is less than a mile away first responder's arrive in less than 5mins. They cut the clothes and helmet off me, get me onto a back board and drive me to a near by field where I'm transferred to a life flight chopper and airlifted to the hospital.

    I'm awake and remember everything until I get into the emergency room, the last thing I see is a nurse quickly putting a needle into my IV and then I finally lose conciseness. I dont wake up for another 3 1/2 weeks.

    I break 23 bones, 10 of them ribs. My right shoulder is crushed, left arm and left ankle are compound fractured. I shattered my pelvis, broke the top off my right femur and then put it through the socket or my right hip. I have nerve damage in my left arm and both legs. Every one of my internal organs is bruised and I'm put on soo much pain medication they have to give me a tracheotomy because I can no longer breath on my own.

    I shouldn't be alive.

    Somehow I make it, it takes 10 surgeries, more than 60 pins, 10 plates, and hundreds of stitches and staples to put me back together. I spend 47 days in the hospital and then get moved to a rehab/nursing facility for another 67 days.

    For my family to get by all my guns are sold except 2. My grandfathers .22lr rifle and the Springfield XDS that was on me (the police had it for safe keeping since the accident) Not like it really mattered, with my right shoulder destroyed I wont be able to shoot a 12ga or rifle anytime soon, but none the less that hurt.

    The road coming home was unexplainable, there just arnt words. PTSD is it's own hell, I'm damn sure never gonna be the same guy. I'm only 30 and feel like I'm 70. pain is all the time, but I've worked through the pain and gotten most of my functioning back.

    So we arrive to now, almost a year later. I can walk, nerves are slowly coming back, my right shoulder is pretty screwed though (no more shotguns or high powered rifles) also lost most of the mobility in the right shoulder due to extra bone growing in places it shouldn't. For the most part I'm ok I guess, feel like I got run over by a truck most days but I guess thats expected.

    I wanted to try to get back to normal and for me guns are normal. So when I figured pick up where I left off and buy a Hi Point 4595TS carbine. last Friday I did just that :D . I went out to like 5 gun shops and managed to find one at the last place in town. Got it for $300 out the door and bonus they had an indoor range (shoot free when you buy a gun). Just as I expected my shoulder can handle it nicely, I love it just the same as my 4095TS I had a few years ago.

    Now comes the fun part, customizing it!!!!

    I got a slant fore grip, lone star 15.4in full length top rail, flip up sights, a Bushnell TRS25 reddot, and thingmister 1911 magazine catch for it.

    I'm also thinking of getting a barrel shroud with built in rail and maybe putting another small rail on the side. So I can add tactical light and laser but those can wait.

    Only questions I have is magazines. I haven't owned a 1911 yet so I don't really have any experience with good or bad mags in that area. I'm also wondering about high capacity long magazines or drums and if they are reliable.

    I know this ones long and all but that s life right. Thoughts and questions are welcome. thanks guys.
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    Wow! Welcome back! There will be plenty by to help with your questions - I just can't get past "Wow"!

  3. Bull

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    Welcome back!.... Glad you're healing.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    The PT must have been tough. Glad all the pieces are still there to hurt, eh?;)

    There is a new 20 round magazine, it's in a thread somewhere around here.

    Take care, and good luck to you, brother!:)
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    Dayummmm! As a long time rider and fellow multi time pavement kisser, welcome back to the land of the living.

    Also a fellow 4595 owner with same mods that you've installed, so feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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    :welcome:back, officerfredrick!!! :eek:

    Here's Thingmeister's Drum Video... It's the latest HOT MOD!!!

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    Welcome back Officer. Hard to comprehend all you went through! Glad you are back to enjoying these fun carbines again.
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    Glad you're back. Hang tough.

    Pics of it's evolution. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
  9. Welcome back. I'm sorry you had to go through all this, but all in all, you came out with your life.

    I sold my bike when my son was born. Some days I miss riding like no other, but in an over prescribed, drug riddled, cell phone distracted society, it isn't worth my life.

    Hang in there. Stay strong,
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    Glad you're back and still with us.

    That's definitely not a been there/done that---got the Tshirt moment I'd want to go through. I've got enough work injuries to last me for my lifetime.
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    Glad you are getting better, I can relate to what you are going thru, in 1986 I was working for Oklahoma turnpike authority on January 6 at 11:15 am I was grading snow off Turner turnpike 12 miles east of Oklahoma City.

    I broke one of two blades on a John Deere 770 motor grader, I got off machine to see which blade I needed as they had different number of bolts, I had just finished counting (never could remember what it was) and stood up at that instant a car going opposite way lost control came across median and hit me with the center of front end.

    It drove me into back of moldboard of grader crushing both legs between knee and ankle, it broke my lower back at L5 which is the first vertebrae from the bottom of spine hurt my neck and my head broke out windshield.

    They couldn't get helicopter because of low ceiling as it was still snowing, so I had to ride in ambulance, I can't describe how painful that was.
    I had 4 surgeries on my legs over a 3 week period they let my back heal on its own since I would not be walking, I was very lucky that my spinal cord was only brused and not severed.

    After about same amount of time as you around 45 days I went home to hospital bed, after that a 2 year rehab I was back to walking, I was 26 at the time and wanted to continue working to build social security, in 1990 I went to truck driving school and went back to work.

    In 2014 my lower back finally got so bad I can no longer work so I'm now on disability.
    My best advice keep pushing and do all you can, later in life you will pay for the accident.
    I'm glad I got to work another 28 years because what I now recieve is much more that if I had went on disability when it happened, if you get a settlement from driver of pickup it won't last as long as you think so be frugal (I wish I had been)

    You will have days you won't want to do anything and other that you feel pretty good but just keep fighting and it will slowly get better :)

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    OfficerFredrick & Gainestruk, you two remind me that my injury was tame compared to you guys! OfficerFredrick, glad to hear you're making a comeback. Gainestruk, fortunately you were able to continue working (after rehab) and retire in what sounds like comfortably (financially anyways).

    Mine was a line of duty, use of force injury to my ankle and leg, it was enough that I can no longer preform my duties as a Correctional Officer. I can no longer run, jump, descend stairs or do my martial arts, but I can still walk limited distances. My future work wise and retirement will be affected, but has yet to be determined.
  13. Glad to hear you made it thru the worst part. Hopefully, it will be a downhill run from here on.

  14. Im sitting in that boat right now. I can't go back to work in personal protection detail because I can't run or jump. if I ever have to go hands on again I'd lose (more likely just pull the gun). So now I'm stuck with the what to do. It's gonna take another year to 3 years to see what nerve damage is permanent what will come back. my left hand was bad at first but time is healing. my right leg and left ankle are still effected, so have to wait.

    For now I'm on disability. I'm looking into Voc Rehab and what options they offer as well as using my shot at a Pell grant to go back to school. I just have no clue what to do. I've been an Officer since I was 19. thats a hard question.

    as for pics im gonna take some soon. I just got a new phone today and still working it out, once i do i'll be sue to post some.
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    After I destroyed my spine in the line of duty, I went back to school and got in to the administration and investigation side of the fire service. Instructor, investigator, trustee, etc. Worked with the board as a purchasing and maintenance officer. I was riding a desk most days, but still got to play as a driver/operator. I also got deeper in to the EMS side of things.

    I got 4 more years out of it before I was forced in to medical retirement and permanent disability.
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    I Feel Ya!
    I had $2,000 riding it out in my pocket, down payment on a Harley,
    and something just keep telling me it was not that safe. Like all the
    close calls I had on 4 wheels, and occasionally I still do stupid stuff
    so I've instead started up a gun collection :D Never looked back...

    You twisted nut sacks to get that 4 years... :eek:
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    Training Instructor.

    You now have hands-on experience. Time to pass it on to newbs. In Ohio we have OPOTA.

    Peace favor your sword,
  18. I'm not sure if I can physically hold up to being an instructor. I still have to see how the nerves come back. My left hand is coming back much better than my right leg, but still another 3 years on that clock. I actuality like the idea of working in an armory, or maybe going into Juvenal justice. I was a bad teenager, but switched sides when I turned 20, so I know how they think, lol.

    As for the gun, well I finished her last night :D. I was waiting on the last piece to come in and it finally showed yesterday afternoon.

    Run down

    4595TS $321
    Lonestar rail $70
    1911 mag catch $30
    Slant grip $10
    flip up sights $20
    reflex sight $100
    pachmayr grip $5
    1911 mags $75

    Total build $631......damn shoulda bought an AR.

    The one point sling on it is special. See I had this black tactical style carry & conceal backpack, covered in D-rings and MOE. I liked it cause it had a spot for my gun and it had these straps that went around the waist and chest. It didn't flop around then I was going down the interstate.

    Well the day I crashed I was of course wearing it, with my laptop as the closest thing to my back in it. Now because of the Backpack being strapped so well to me and Laptop being quite big and close to my back they worked together and acted like a back board. Instead of my spine breaking my rib cage compressed and it broke in 10 places.

    The bag and computer probably saved my life as much as my helmet did.

    My wife showed me what was left of the bag once, I was pretty upset and just wanted to forget it. She swore she threw it away, but I found it in the bottom of my closet 2 weeks ago. Then I noticed all those straps, D-rings, buckles, and connections still on it...and in good shape.

    I gutted it and sure as hell, it makes a damn fine one point sling.

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  19. P.S. The Laptop was destroyed. It was under warranty though, they fixed it and sent it back to me. It can be seen in the pictures and it's what I'm typing on right now.
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    It sucks that all of that happened to you. Only advice I can give you is to do your level best not to be hard on your family. I know how easy it is to start barking at spouse and kids when you are having a bad day.
    I was being a **** and had to learn not to take it out on them.

    That being said, why does everyone want to go to a 1911 mag?

    The 1911's have either a 7 , 8 or 10 round capacity.

    The Hi-point pistol and carbine in .45 ACP have a 9 round capacity plus the carbine has the mount for two spares.
    Unless you are talking about the 25 round drum mag.,What am I missing here?