Coming soon Wilson Combat ETM 1911 magazine review

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  1. I just placed my order an hour ago and will be posting a report ASAP.

    In the meantime I will give the Kimber Tactical Pro magazine a rating of A.

    The Kimber may deserve higher but I'm not yet certain as Wilson Combat is the standard by which others are judged but suffice it to say that the Kimber Pro Tac has been flawless through several hundred rounds.
    The finish is very good, slide lock worked everytime, ejection of the magazine was no problem. There have been no feed issues.
    In my opinion this Kimber Pro Tac is one of the best magazines I have tried but still needs to be compared to the Gold Standard which is on it's way.

    Stay Tuned.
  2. I got my Wilson Combat ETM magazines today.

    I can't issue a range report yet for two reasons:
    1) We are due for an ice storm today and tomorrow so driving to the gun club is out at least untill the weekend.
    2) Wilson in their splendid instruction sheet recommends loading the magazine to capacity and letting it sit loaded for two days to facilitate break in.

    I was impressed with the Kimber Tac-Pro magazines and had no problems, fit and finish were good and operation was flawless.

    I wanted to try the Wilson mags as they are supposed to be the gold standard, especially the ETM mag.

    Though I haven't shot it yet the mags exude quality.
    The fit and finish are great, the bumber is pre-installed and not an ad on and all the indentations and cuts just seem exact.

    The Kimber Tac-Pro had a coated follower that was semi-skirted. The ETM magazines have a fully skirted composite or coated nylon follower with an indentation that Wilson says is for better feeding as it causes a nose up profile on the bullet.

    Testing the feeding with hollow point dummy rounds the feeding has been flawless through 100 cycles of the slide and this is with a new mag that is not yet broken in.

    You really need to see this magazine in person to see the quality and the attention to all the small details.

    Range report to follow as the weather allows.

  3. I got some limited range time today and put 150 rounds downrange with no problems using the new mags.
    Feeding was perfect, slide lock was perfect and magazine release was perfect.

    I'll post again as I get more use out of these mags but they look like winners and my new mags of choice.
  4. OK Boys and Girls now were talking my stuff. I Love my C-9 have never had a single jam, never Shooting Fiocchi 9mm. About that 1911 A-1 45acp has been and always will be my sweetheart . Started shooting them 40 years ago and have never found better Friends. Just Love these two piatols. I have small hands and these pistols just seem to fit just right. Started out with a Colt made back in the 1950's. Now have a Springfield 1911 A-1 GI Parkerized just bouhgt it 6 months ago. the original mag is junk. Have both Wilson combat extended 8 round and Kimber 8 round, they both work very well, if I donot shoot hardball ammo.
    My favorite is Remmington umc 185gr. Never have a jam, never with this pistol, if using this ammo. So you must try trial and error to find what ammo your Gun or Pistol likes. Just to let yous know I also have a 22cal 25 cal 380 cal 9mm cal 45cal . all autos and yes they all never jam. Good shooting to all.