Commanche III

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  1. GrumpyDad

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    Can anyone tell me anything about these guns? I've reas some reviews but I wanted to maybe get some feed back from someone who has one or has owner one in the past.
  2. Just got one in stainless. shoots nice. not as refined, finish and machine wise as say a S&W. But I'm really happy with it. Paid 240.00 new. Oh I got the 6"

  3. freedom

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    Dont know what your budget is like but if you want a good revolver save a bit and look for either a new or used Ruger GP100 4" or 6" bbl.

    They are super sweet, You will not regret it. I have one on my buy list and i am not a big Revolver fan but that wheel gun is a must buy.
  4. uncle jerky

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    Hey,Grumpy.Cool name. I had the Comanche II, 38 special,blue, 4" and it was very accurate,with the adjustable front sight,all steel,solid and never hung up, in single or double(smooth)action. The rubber finger grooved grips gave it a good feel. I think I paid $150 used at a hock shop. Very reliable,modestly priced revolver.
  5. GrumpyDad

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    Thanks for all feedback; I don't have alot in my budget as I have bought several guns here lately. Some wifey knows about and some she don't so for the price I think I'm going to buy the CommancheIII 357 4" barrel in stainless. Then I'll have to cool it for a little while unless I just can't resist. Thanx again for the input. P.S. I have looked at the Ruger; that could be a nice father's day present to my self.
  6. You'll be happy with it. my son and I went to the range today and he fed mine 50 .38 Spl's.
  7. Maybe look into the Rossi Revolvers. The fit and finish on them are far better than the Commanche.