Common Sense?

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  1. does anyone else on this forum think that Common Sense almost non existent in todays world???

    my example comes from my work. I work for a Home Medical Equipment supplier here in Utah as an equipment repair technician, part of my workload consists of facilities repair and maitenance. Recently, in one of our departments, we had a chest of drawers tip over onto a couple of our employees and were instructed to fix the problem-- Here's what happened. A couple of girls (who are 4.0 college students I might add) opened the top two drawers which were way over loaded, they pulled them all the out so that they were fully extended, and then used the drawers as leverage to stand up at the exact same time, and the drawers tipped over onto them - duh! and when I tried to explain to them why they can't do that, they both returned the look that a dumb dog gives you when it doesn't understand what you saying, you know the look, the one where he cocks his head to the side and just stares at you. yup, 4.0 college students, the future leader of america, which I have lost ALL hope for.

    now if common sense was a factor, this would have never happened, am I right?

    do you guys feel the same way as me?? and do you have any stories such as this depicting the idiocy of normal people??
  2. Common Sense isn't common................It's rare!

    I don't know who said it first, but it is the truth. I see it every day when I watch people drive and in the stores that I go to.

  3. I sometimes don't think things through and do something really dumb akin to the drawers thing. But afterwards, I realize why things happened the way they did and feel really dumb.

    By the way, where in Utah do ye be?
  4. Were they provo blondes? I'm sure a U of U blonde wouldn't do that. LOL
  5. Been recongnizing that for a long time now.
  6. actually yes one of them was a blonde
  7. Its the dumb mistakes that get us. Like when I grabed my soldering iron by the hot end last week, I forgot it was plugged in............

    Thats why we train, do things over and over again in steps, to eliminate the dumb mistakes.

    I can see this happening to someone who had no experience in a shop or around tools. So I see it as just a lack of awareness instead of a lack of common sense. Now if they did it again, that would be a lack of common sense.
  8. Everyone makes mistakes, its when you do not learn from them that the problem arrises
  9. If most people had lots of common sense I'd probably be out of a job...
  10. Here is a question. Who here feels they'd be seriously short of work if people used common sense? As much as we all like to P&M at the lack of CS imagine how different it would be if everyone had the perfect amount of it!
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    Reminds me of a true story dating back years ago...

    There was a Mensa convention in San Francisco. Several attendants were eating at a local restraunt and noticed the salt and pepper shakers at their table were mixed (you can tell by the number of holes in the lids...). So, they spent a few minutes working out a solution and came up with pouring each out onto a napkin, folding said napkins into funnels and pouring the contents into the opposite shaker...

    About the time they were finishing their waitress came up and asked why they didn't just swap the shaker caps? :roll:

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    I think it can be tied back to laziness. People just aren't motived enough anymore to go through a logical thought process.

    I think this world has a lack of CS, but I think a lot of people are confuse a lack of CS with a lack of understanding. It is only a lack of CS if the person still commits the act after it is explained to them in a clear fashion.
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    That actually sounds like the definition of a lack of understanding:


    1 mental, sometimes emotional process of comprehension, assimilation of knowledge, which is subjective by its nature

    2 reason or intelligence, ability to grasp the full meaning of knowledge, ability to infer

    3 opinion, judgement or outlook
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  15. No......

    I have a blue widget that looks like a button in my house. If you push it you get shocked. All my friends that come to my house UNDERSTAND that. You dont.

    When you come over to my house you push the widget and get a shock. Now you UNDERSTAND.

    COMMON SENSE is suppose to keep you from pushing it again.
  16. A friend once told me ( IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE STUPID , YOU HAD BETTER BE TOUGH ) Thanks Rainman , I'll never forget those words .
  18. ya so it happened yesterday right around closing time, they were using the top drawer as a step to get to some cabinets that are hung on the wall above and it tipped over and ripped all the anchors out of the wall. and the best part, there was a step ladder in the same room in plain sight not a foot away from the chest of drawers
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    Yeah, is see a lack of common sense every time I see some Jackarse toss his/her cigarette butt out the window here. Not even addressing the littering aspect of it, that is just having a lack of common courtesy. Every year we have numerous wildfires. I'm like don't you realize we live in an effin tinderbox?