Communist Mario

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  1. I can't believe I forgot to post that here. I showed it in chat. This is PURE AWESOMENESS!
    Communist Mario for the win! I never really put the red star flag at the end of each level and communism together. I was too young to think about it when the game was made and all being that I was all off 1 year old. But I still always play the old school Mario, and still never thought of it.
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    Hehe...Saw that in the chat room and INSTANTLY posted it on myspace! Just makes you wonder if the guy who made Tetris would've taken a stab at platforming....who knows.... :p

    Great artwork!

  3. classic sutff. I found that a long time ago but had almost forgotten about it.
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    not bad, but some of the comments that people put on the left margin are a out of line. knocking jewish people ect.
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    Don't let other's ignorance take away from the awesome/informative/creative/entertainment value of sites like that Dreamthief... It's on every video/pic/game site, and probably will not cease to happen.
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    I ignore those comments anymore. Then again, those that have the most racist and defaming comments tend to be the good stuff on the net when it comes to media and art. Good work attracts fans and the biggest jerks of the net at the same time
  8. I ignore then too. Shout boxes on things like that are full of post by trolls. Not people actually saying anything. It just a common thing with things that get high traffic.
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    +1 to that...

    Great animation, thanks for the link. I remember thinking it was kind of commie looking when I played the game in my younger days, but I am a child of the cold war. Why else would I want these...
  10. I love reading those side boxes. Lets you see a slice of the finest ignorance around the world. Always good for a laugh! Cant view the pario part though at work, just a white box, will check it out when i get home.