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  1. There is a movement here in Milwaukee Wisconsin started by our Common Council President Willie Hines to create a law allowing police to randomly search cars parked in the parking lots of bars. He is also looking at the possibility of extending those searches to cars parked on the city streets.


    We have laws against random searches at the federal and state levels. I just don't understand how Law Makers can even consider something like this. It truly astounds me.

    The next time you think your state and/or city sucks, just think of us stuck in the last stong hold of communisim in the USA............Wisconsin!
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    Actually, that constitutes Fascism and not Communism since it directly deals with appraisal and preemptive elimination of a potential threat via political coercion and/or persecution based upon premeditation.

    But yeah....that blows

  3. I had already crossed off Wisconsin as a relocation site anyway, but now I'll put a couple of extra check marks beside it. Thanks for the heads up.
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    There is nothing that bars any government from enacting any law they desire....except the judiciary.

    Some may complain about "activist" judges...until it works in their favor.

    A well-balanced government requires a judiciary that is active and possibly pro-active. We may not always agree with the outcome, and it seems like the judiciary can loose sight of the forest for the trees too often. That said, they are there to do MORE than just interpret and execute laws...they are there to help provide a check against the legislative branches of government. If the judiciary were to ever truly stop being activist, we would loose one of our most critical method of checks and balances.
  5. +1 to what neo said there, but thanks for the heads up! I live in New Berlin right now (just outside of Milwaukee for folks not from around here) but I'll be heading back to Milwaukee county in a few months. I'll for sure have to keep my eye on this!